Friday, December 14, 2012

Ulta: Jaded & China Glaze: Latticed Lilac

Oy... Now it's cold and rainy and I definitely see a nap in the near future. Had an interesting dream... not sure if it was a sign or wishful thinking, but... *shrugs* Time will tell.

Since I did so well crossing two whole brands off of my "unlinked" list, I thought I'd go for another and round out Ulta as well. I picked up Jaded when they were having a big sale and most of the colors had been wiped out.

This is two coats, probably could have used a third. I really like this color. Green and shiny and... kind of understated in it's own way? Maybe not.

I think I was expecting something a little more metallic or opaque, but I'm still not disappointed. :) (except just now when I noticed that chip in the tip... *ggrrr*)

Also, I knew right away this would be the perfect opportunity to swatch Latticed Lilac finally. Who doesn't like green and purple together?

Ok... yeah. It's rainy and most of the full-hand pics were kind of washed out. Here's a close-up:

There we are. Pretty pretty pretty, and still kind of understated... all things concidered. ;)

You may be wondering how much of a pain it was to remove Pinkie Pink. Well.... It wasn't too bad, though it did take some scrubbing... just that when I got to the final nail... my left thumb... well...

I heard this loud *SNAP*, but I didn't see anything. After I got the glitter fully off I noticed a bit of a crack... a bit of a BIG crack, but it didn't appear to reach to the underside of my nail, so I didn't worry too much. Until I started painting on Jaded and that dried, and there's the crack and then I did see it underneath. So I put a drop of super glue on the underside crack and will attempt to patch it tonight. -_- That's a monster crack. Thankfully it doesn't reach all the way to the side (though barely), so if I'm extra careful I should be able to grow it out without having to nubbin my thumb. I'll keep you posted on that.

I guess that's it for now. Hope everyone has an awesome (and safe) weekend! I'll be here. Painting, blogging and hoping.


  1. You paint your nails so well. :) Especially with the ULTA polish that has minimal brushstrokes, I could see how all of your nails had straight brushstrokes - makes your manicure look very neat!

    (Haha, whenever I paint my nails with polishes in that formula, my brushstrokes usually wave a bit unintentionally. Maybe it's because they want to say hi? Hehe!) ;)

    1. Thank you so much! :D I do overstroke a lot, especially if I can see the brush strokes. I'll go over the same nail 30 times until it looks straight.... hehehe


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