Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Best Of A Bad Situation

I was all proud of myself for getting my nail art done, went to re-read the email from Pure Ice because I keep forgetting the name of the contest/challenge and.... it says "three designs". So I'm still working on that. To pass the time I'll share with you the tragedy that befell us today.

The day started normally enough. We left the house. Aaron grabbed the trashcan so it can be picked up tomorrow morning. I got in the car to start it and... it sounded a bit sluggish starting up. It did start so I thought maybe it was just my sick-ears playing tricks on me. I made my way down the driveway to catch up with him at the curb and we headed for Walgreens.

Went into Walgreens, got provisions, came back out, got in the car, turn the key and.... *click~clickclickclick~click* ??? *click~clickclickclick~click* Oh WTF? (It's not even Wednesday!) So I sit there for a second, try again, same result. Call my dad, he doesn't answer. Probably driving or sleeping. Call my mom and thankfully she answered. I explained the situation and she offered to come down and give us a jump. She didn't sound concerned, so I tried to not be as well. I told her I'd call her back; we had to walk to HEB to get food and jumper cables. The worst part is today is the coldest, windiest day so far. It's not a far walk, and on a normal day we could do it no problem. The wind nearly killed us.

Went through HEB, picked up dinner and jumper cables and made our windy way back to Walgreens. Called my mom again and she came to the rescue. Now, it's not often we find ourselves jump-starting vehicles, but between the directions that came with it, and a few tips from my new smart phone, we got it all figured out. And only on the second attempt! ....yeah, I had to go back and re-arrange the clampy thingies. ;)

After that we finally made it home. One quick stop by Mickey's (at which point I did not turn the car off yet) and then home. I don't know what could have happened to the battery, but I'm thankful it didn't happen in Austin. I'm thankful that my mom answered her phone and came to the rescue. I'm glad Aaron was there to walk through the cold to HEB with me. I'm also thankful that my dad is paying for internet on my phone to answer those burning questions like "how to ground the negative cable?" and "how long do we keep the cars hooked up after it starts?". Through determination and cooperation we managed to come out of what could have been a very bad day and turned it into a not so bad day. And we learned some things. :)

So that was my day. lol I've got some cute Pure Ice arts that I have to wait 'til morning to photograph and come up with a #3. I think I have an idea, just have to go through my plates and see what I have... Hope everyone's day was better than mine! ;)


  1. There are few things I hate as much as car trouble. Cars scare me at the best of times, and when things go wrong I turn instantly into an insecure teenager crying for my dad. Whenever I have owned a car I always make sure I have breakdown insurance. It's the only way you could make me go driving anywhere. Glad that you had people there for you, and that it all turned out just fine in the end!
    Thank goodness for modern technology, eh?

    Looking forward to your nail art!

    1. Oh my goodness, me too. My first thought was "I wish my daddy was here!!" ;) I do have a roadside assistance sticker from the dealership 'just in case', I'm just not 100% sure if it's still technically active....


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