Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some Randoms

Hello lovely peoples. No, this isn't random swatching or art or nail anything. Just random things that aren't nail related that are on my mind or going on. If that's not your thing, that's ok. There will be a couple of range pictures if you want to scroll down and check those out. If not, that's ok, too. Just a couple things I've wanted to get down for posterity. Not really expecting anybody to care. :p

The first thing is concerning December 21st. When my dad first told me about this (many many years ago) I think part of me didn't expect to live long enough to see it. It will be the first day of winter, my dad's birthday, and possibly the end of the world? I'm not saying it is, I'm not saying it isn't. I just don't discount the possibility. If we all just blink out of existance, I suppose any doomsday prepping is kind of moot anyways. If we end up in a zombie (or otherwise) apocalyptic situation, I do have a sort-of plan. There was a show on for a while called "Life After People" and one of the things that came up concerned the availability of electricity. I don't know about you, but while I could live off of fire and batteries, I like electricity. It's the bee's knees, yo. Here's the thing; most of us get our electricity from plants that require almost daily maintenance. Who's going to do that? Nobody, because they're trying to survive, too. Wind and solar are a bit better, but after a while without proper maintenance those will also break down and stop working. If you like electricity as much as I do, you want to travel someplace with a hydro-electric power source. Like Hoover Dam. That's where I'm heading. If you want to find me, go there. Hoover Dam can crank out juice for years to come without human intervention. Beyond that I really don't have a "plan" per se. Not like some of those crazy people. Figure I'll hit up the pawn shop down the street and grab some guns and ammo then raid Walmarts 'til I get there. :p Make sure I pick up some pens and notebooks for an "old school blog" (you mean "journal"? Yes, journal. LOL) recording of what I'm going through. The real bitch-fuck is how many pets we have... Part of me is hoping it'll somehow be a non-issue...

The second thing is an experience I had yesterday, and parts of this will require a bit of background information. For the past week or so I've been feeling a sort of poking on my left shoulder. I'd feel it and think "Ow... wait, that didn't hurt" and go on with what I was doing. Last night I was sitting here and it felt like something grabbed my shoulder and it hurt. I have a friend, Jarly, who I met many years ago in an online Wicca group and we've been friends since. She did a tarot reading for me about a week or so ago concerning my still-incommunicado chat-buddy that made me feel loads better. Anyway, I had her up on messenger and told her about that because it seemed like the kind of thing she could help with. She said it sounded like someone/something trying to get my attention, and I had to agree. As I was typing a reply she got the impression that it was a grandfather trying to get my attention. Maybe 10-15 minutes later I felt another grab on my shoulder, more gently this time and I got a sense of calm and peace. Much the same feeling I would get when emailing my dad's dad. I would go to the library every day just to see if I had heard from him because it was so comforting and... I don't know. My dad did not get along with his dad, but he didn't stop us from seeing him when we were in town. I was led to believe that my grandpa had up and left my granny with 3 kids, but according to Grandpa H, that wasn't the case. I think I was the only family member keeping in contact with him towards the end (which came as a shock to me because his emails didn't read like those of an old man) so while it wasn't a secret, it was kind of like a secret, which I liked. That being said, I don't know if he was just trying to let me know he was there, trying to impart that sense of peace (which has been decidedly lacking these past three weeks), or if he actually has a message for me. Maybe something about things working out regardless of other people's perceptions? Or maybe that's wishful thinking. I'm hoping to feel him again. Preferably when I'm here alone so I can try to actually communicate with him. That would be super.

Before I get to the range pictures, I feel compelled to mention that I'm doing a lot better keeping myself together, but that doesn't mean I don't want my friend back. I miss my chat-buddy terribly and I if I don't have to live with this hole, then I sure as hell don't want to. I doubt you're reading this (you never did, did you?), but you are a very important friend for me and if it's possible for you to come back, then please do just as soon as you can. I meant everything I said to you, and I still do....

Okay. *deep breath* Okay. So we've been to the range a few times. Four times, actually, since my November 4th post. Just that daily nail posts and trying to reach my SwagBucks goals takes up a bit of my day. lol So, anyway, the first trip after that last posted one Aaron and I fired a .38 and a .44. I took this picture to share with my chat buddy and never got to...

After that we went back with Aaron's friends again, because everybody was super excited to fire the rifle. It had a scope. I don't know if that's standard, but it was the only way I could have achieved this awesome grouping. Even if we were only 25ft away.

This past Sunday it was just Aaron and myself again. This time with a 12gauge shotgun with an extended barrel that, apparently, makes it less.... kicky? Something useful. It also made it harder to aim. So while I do have this picture that everyone seemed to like... an awful lot more than I expected; I prefer the shorter barrel 20gauge.

Don't I look the force to be reckoned with? LOL I should! Between me, Aaron, and 50 shells, here's the damage:

Decimated. That's, actually, minus about five shots I took at an empty ammo-box. Couldn't see the holes we were putting in the target and wanted to see the box jump. ;) His uncle has the idea to wrap some exploding putty with meat and cram that into a zombie head for rediculous carnage. If that ever comes to fruition you know I'll be sharing the video of that.

Alrighty, looks like my laptop is done updating. Hopefully now it will let me finish burning some DVDs. :p After it cools down, I guess. I need some air-in-a-can or something. See if I can clean it out. I'll stop rambling now. I'll be back tomorrow with some pretty pink polish. :)


  1. Yep buy the Maya calender is the end of the world or the start of natural disasters. Lets hope they were wrong but we never know Mayas knew a lot about astronomy.

    1. That's kind of what worries me. I know a lot of people say that you can just read it to make it mean what you want, but I'm not so sure. We're pretty safe from earthquakes, hurricanes, etc; but if it starts raining and doesn't stop.... it's gonna flood. We flood way too easily. :/


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