Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sinful Colors: Smokin & This Is It

Time again for another Sinful Saturday. Starting to knock these out. Only... er... 19 more to go after this post. I did another count last night and, while I can't remember the actual number, I'm under 100 unworns! Or, unlinked, at least. Yay! Until some of these polishes start coming in the mail, that is. *facepalm* I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, let's concentrate on today's offerings, shall we?

The first Sinful Colors polish I have today is Smokin. Relatively newish in my collection. A gorgeous dark grey cream.

This is two coats, although I probably could have gone with one. The formula on this is thick. Not gloppy-thick, though. Creamy-thick.

The only problem with it being so thick is that after two coats clean-up was a bit problematic on a couple of nails.

Ew. lol Up next I have This Is It which is kind of a sheer gold. I decided to do something a little different.

Yeah... I had seen the dotted gradient on Collete's YouTube, and then The Nail Buff did one today and it looks amazing (go check it out), so I thought "Let's try that", and after the first nail my neck started hurting so I just left it as an accent. So left to right there: shiny topcoat, no topcoat, dots, matte. Now for some close-ups!

There's shiny. It looks the same as normal so I just picked the one that came out better in the picture.

There it is matte. Not generally a fan of gold, but I think that's pretty.

And my sorta-kinda dotted gradient attempt. Aaron said it looks like champagne. :) Which gives me an idea for New Years.

Ya know, just when things were bad enough and I thought they were starting to look up.... my phone craps out on me. All I wanted to do was check my calendar and *POP* blackness. Now it won't reset or turn on or anything. -_- Which is just super because when my new phone gets here I won't have the ability to transfer my phone book. Yay. And depending on how long it takes Sprint and UPS to get with the program I could be without phone for over a week. *ugh* Hope everybody's weekend is turning out better than mine. Methinks the Fates enjoy mocking me....

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