Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sinful Colors: Rise And Shine & Kissy

I think these are the last two of my "old" Sinful Colors polishes. Fiji is kind of a betweener, but after this I can start working on more recent purchases! Yay!! First up I have a polish that, for some reason or another, I've put off for ages. What was I waiting for? Surely I do not know. Perhaps that is why it decided to surprise me at every turn.

Here is Rise And Shine. Appropriate for today since I had to wake up hours early. R&S is not this color. It's way more green. I'm not sure if my camera was having issue or if it just doesn't like the sun's wonky mid-day angle this time of year... but, yeah, R&S is far greener.

I did not expect a semi-matte, I did not expect that shimmer! This defintely qualifies as a pretty pretty polish. lol

My second offering to you lovely persons is Kissy. This one I've been putting off because I knew in my heart of hearts it was a jelly.

I was right! This is two coats. Not thrilled about the sheerness, but it didn't take forever to dry so Yay!

And thus concludes another Sinful Saturday. Ok, buh-bye, take care..... What? Aw, you want more? Oh alright. ;)

Ok, so you may (or may not, can never discount that possibility) remember I had to order the Julep "Mystery Box" with five limited edition "mystery polishes". I haven't been with Julep long, and have never gotten one of their mystery boxes, so I assumed (quite incorrectly as it turns out) that the big "mystery" would be revealed upon purchase. So yesterday when the mailman came to my door I was first excited

and then deeply confused...

??? Where are the names?! I guess "mystery" means "eternal mystery". LOL I posted as much on facebook and it turns out I have some friends who's passion and creativity rival my need for order and officialness so they're working on coming up with some "real" names for these colors. Apparently "Mystery 1", "Mystery 2", etc isn't good enough. ;) Oh and they've got some good ones. So far Barry's come up with Starship Azure, Forest Glen and Mango Smoothie for #1, 2 and 5; Holly tried to stick to Julep's "people names" and came up with Keilani for #3 (means gorgeous and royal) and Naida for #4 (name of a water nymph). Super cool.

Tomorrow we're likely going to the range for more shotgunning (FUN!!), but it's also supposed to rain, so.... hehehe I think I just figured out what I'm going to do with my nails. :D It should be badass so come on back to see if I nail it, or manage to totally spaz it up! Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!

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