Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sinful Colors: Precious Metal & Winter Wonder

Oh my goodness you guys!! I'm so sick. *coughs* And I have to make my way to Dallas to pick up my dad soon. Goodness. I wish I could go back for some more teppanyaki at Zushi Sushi.... That made me feel better for a while. ;)

Anyway, I do have two Sinful Colors polishes for today. It is Saturday. Again. Starting off with three thin coats of Precious Metal.

A beautiful, shimmery, deep blue.

Pretty. :) Then one thickish coat of Winter Wonder.

A sort of dark charcoal-blue (is that a color?) almost glitter.

I was expecting it to look more like a glitter, but it's kind of a dense shimmer/sparkle. Pretty, but... I dunno. Doesn't scream "Winter"? *shrugs*

Ok, I feel like if I don't get dressed now I'll be going out in my jammies. -_- Hope everyone is having a wonderful (and healthy) weekend!

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