Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sinful Colors: Inkwell & I Miss You

Oh my goodness, I thought I was being so clever and ended up just throwing myself completely off. :p I enjoyed wearing Black Velour so much and was so upset when I "ruined" it that I thought I'd give myself an extra day with Blue Midnight (coming tomorrow). So I quick-swatched my Saturday polishes and then totally forgot when I headed out today that today is Saturday... until I hit a mass of traffic funneling into the plaza. :/ *tsk~tsk~tsk* I'll just chalk it up to this bizarro bi-polarness I'm going through.

That said: Welcome to another exciting edition of Sinful Saturday! On Saturday. Which is today. Saturday. *ahem* Both of these are recent purchases. Inkwell looked black until I took it's picture. Then it looked purple. In reality it's a very deep, dark brown.

See? Oh wait...

There we are. Deep, dark brown. Kinda cool. Since it is bordering on black I thought it would make an ok base for some glitter. I Miss You is a fabulous purple glitter with some holo bling.

If you recall yesterday was rainy and overcast, so.... sorry.

Alrighty.... moving on. What's the best way to shake the "blahs" for a while? Polish shopping! So many pretties. Yesterday I got my amazon polishes in the mail.

Running In Circles and Water You Waiting For. Two of my top faves from the Cirque du Soliel collection. The rest of which prompted my run to Ulta this morning. Saturday morning. With Saturday morning traffic.... :p They didn't have "the trapeze one" so I skipped those and since they were also buy 2 get 1 I picked up some Piggy Polishes I've been eyeballing for a while.

Yes, yes, yes, more glitter. Garden Galaxy - a light green, iridescent bar glitter; Confetti - bright purple glitter with teeny green bar glitter (*SQUEE*); and Glitter-azzi - holo glitter. :p I'm going to be comparing that to White Noise whenever I get around to wearing it.... So I was on my way out of the plaza parking lot when I passed Sally's and the ever-darling KarenD's display post popped into my head: "Cirque du Soliel at Sally's". I love her and her blog and her amazing swatches and I just don't understand this personal grudge she has against my wallet.... LOL!

So the downside is I did spend a bit more than I intended. The upside is I now have all of the Cirque du Soliel polishes I wanted. :D Def Defying (seriously, who saw me passing this one up?), It's A Trap-eze! (Yay!!), Whirled Away (my only Indie-like polish), and Hanging In The Balance. I really did want Creative Fantasy, the purple one, but it's a jelly... *groans* They're 2 for $11 at Sally's so if I go back I guess I'll get that and Get Carried Away. IF. Big if. Though it might be cheaper online...

OH! I almost forgot!! I have really exciting news!! :D Pure Ice is doing a nail art competition and their PR person contacted me (I think because of the farwell post I did) and they're sending me three of the new holiday polishes to use in the competition! Little ol' me!! :D I'm so excited I have to go old school and say "How freakin' dope is that?!" LOL

Ok, time to update my stash page. Finish working on Brak's prezzie. Do some dishes... make myself a little fatter since my mom went to the German bakery.... and try to make some more internet monies to accomodate my dire obsession. :p Hope everyone's having a fantastic week out there.


  1. Gorgeous colours you got. Love the I Miss You glitter over the deep dark brown.

    1. Aw Thank you. :) I was afraid it wouldn't come across as pretty as it was since it was so nasty out.


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