Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sally Hansen: Right Said Red & Essence: Glamorous Life

Today's WTF Wednesday is brought to you buy the number 2; and the color Red. Been wanting to just get these linked and out of the way for a while, but... red. :p First up is Right Said Red.

Your basic (altogether too sheer) red.

*yawns* I topped it off with Glamorous Life. I think this one has been holding me back from moving forward with the new essences.

I went ahead and put Zoya Gilda on my ring finger so we can see how painfully similar they are. ;)

They are pretty much the same. Just that Gilda has about twice as much shimmer in it.

So I got my Pure Ice polishes and I think I'm going to have to run out and see if I can buy a better (for art) green. All of my ideas are being thwarted by this non-full-coverage green glitter. It looks really pretty and I can't wait to try it (and compare it to Treasure Hunt), but it's stumping my artistic drive. :p

Ok.... I think that's it. Had kind of an interesting (in a good way finally) day so far. Unproductive, but I don't have plans tomorrow. I'll catch up if I'm not bedridden. LOL Did I mention I'm starting to feel sick? I guess that's probably a bit random if I didn't... If I am all sick in bed I'll have Aaron bring me the laptop. Now to catch up on everyone else's blogs before I head out. Hope everyone's having a great week. :)


  1. Essence glamours life is so pretty. I was able to get one :)

    1. Hurray! :D I haven't seen any of the old ones since they brought out the new ones.


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