Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sally Hansen: Hot Magenta & Piggy Polish: Confetti

I think my polish addiction is turning me bipolar. LOL I was all sad and mopey earlier because Target sold out of the Hello Kitty hair driers (*fail*) then the UPS guy drops off some polish for me (which I'll get to at the end) and YAY! Happy Lizzy. :D Maybe I'm just easy to please.

For today's swatches I have an interesting combination for you. Starting with Hot Magenta.

I have no idea when or why I bought this. So many polishes I remember and this one.... I have no clue! LOL It's a pretty awesome color, though. Just like the name. Hot Magenta, and it's got some pink shimmer to really make it pop. This is two coats.

Nice. I was looking down my collection and it seemed a suitable base for Confetti!

Which my camera did not want to pick up! Confetti is a medium purple glitter (not too red or blue) with green and yellow bar glitters. This is one thickish coat and the actual color is somewhere between these two:

Yeah, like PURPLE. Way awesome. You should see it in real life. And when you do, you should buy it because it's awesome. Total party in a bottle. :)

Two things! First, Aaron remembered seeing the Hello Kitty hair dryer at Action Pawn. It wasn't as cheap as Target, but I do have one now. :D Second, Pure Ice is promoting their base colors (underwears *teehee*) pairing with their glitters and I was contacted to help show them off! :D :D Yay! So next week's Saturday, Monday and Wednesday will be suspended while I mix and match these lovelies:

YES!! Polish pyramids. One of the bottles broke in transit (I let them know), but the show will go on. Still plenty of colors and glitters to play with and I'm insanely excited. I kept the cardboard with the leaked polish so I can show you that because, let me tell ya, this color is amazing! Reminds me of The Black Knight. For real! If I don't get a replacement bottle (which I'm not expecting) you can be sure I'll be keeping my eyes open for this one in Walmart. For now I have bottles to organize, html to update and dinner to eat. :) Hope everyone's having a great week!

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