Monday, December 31, 2012

Pure Ice Underwear #4: Viva Las Vegas

Hello darlings! Last post of 2012!! :D Another year down the drain.... LOL Next year... next year will be better. *ahem* So anyway, Pure Ice ended up providing me with a perfect blingy celebration combo for New Years Eve! Starting with Viva Las Vegas.

This is.... three coats, I believe.

Yeah, Viva Las Vegas was kinda reminding me of Jules, too, so I did a comparison:

Jules on the left, Viva Las Vegas on the right. Close. Super close, but not dupes. Now for the lovely glitter topcoat!! Playtime!!

I'm not usually into gold, but for the holiday it works. Great coverage for one coat and the copper glitters thrown in there add interest.

This reminds me of China Glaze's I'm Not Lion, buuuut I don't have that one so no comparisons here. Sorry.

Viva Las Vegas makes an okay neutral base for the other glitters as well.

P-to-T: Cheatin, Sea-Quin, Twist And Shout, Party Of Five and Treasure Hunt. Nice, but Playtime is the clear winner. Oh Baby! did fairly well, too, though.

Gives off kind of a blue sheen. :) Prettier than I expected.

Welp, gotta leave at 3am to take my dad back to Dallas. Was kind of hoping that Sims would just keep me awake (so addicted), but I'm so tired. Everyone be safe out there. Tonight AAA is providing Tipsy Tow free for everybody so write this # down before you head out: 1-800-222-4357. They'll take you and your car home for FREE. There's no reason to not call. Hope to see y'all back in 2013!


  1. Really lovely combination for your skintone :) nice and bling too for nye, I hope you had a good one!

    1. Yes I did. :) Hope yours was good as well.


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