Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pure Ice Underwear #3: Monte Carlo

*eep* The one I was seriously hoping to not get. Monte Carlo is a raspberry.... jelly.... *sigh*

Just like those too-sheer reds that keep ending up in my collection, except that it's not pure red.

Two coats, thankfully it didn't take ages to dry. Let's just get to the glitter....

Okay, okay, it's a red glitter, but I do kinda like this one. The blue glitters are a nice surprise. This is one coat of Twist And Shout.

I definitely see myself trying this over black at some point. How did the other glitters look?

P-to-T: Playtime, Cheatin, Sea-Quin, Party Of Five and Treasure Hunt. .....meh. I think Twist And Shout is my favorite combo with Monte Carlo. Oh! What about Oh Baby!?

That's.... not bad. Huh. That's three underwears down, three more to go. First, though, a small warning about On His Saddle!

It did sneak it's way past my basecoat. :/ Just a little.

Still feeling pretty sick. It's been nice that Pure Ice hooked me up so I haven't had to think too hard about which polishes to wear. ;) I've even got a nice festive combo lined up for New Years Eve tomorrow. Everyone be safe out there!!


  1. Gorgeous swatches! I'm guilty of forgetting base coat as well.. don't ya hate staining!?

    1. Yes! lol I know I'm just going to cover it up with more polish, but still... I know it's there. ;)

  2. I really love twist and shout over Monte Carlo, there's something about that sneaky blue glitter that makes it! That's so cool that pure ice sent you all of these! I need to read through to catch up lol

    1. lol Right? I'm so surprised they keep sending me polishes!! XD Hope you have fun catching up. ;)


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