Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pure Ice Underwear #2: On His Saddle


Yes, I had to show it first. On His Saddle is a gorgeous, near-electric metallicish teal that positively glows all on it's own. Two smooth coats, dried fairly quickly. And the name? Love it.

As I was admiring this polish (all night) I thought that it kind of reminded me of Orly's Sweet Peacock. So I did a quick compare and.....

Not quite. Cousins, maybe; or half sisters. Now, On His Saddle is so lovely and has that shimmery/metallicish finish that I never would have thought to cover it up with glitter. Still, the fine people at Pure Ice thought it made a good match for Cheatin, so why not give it a try?

Hrm.... I don't hate it, but Cheatin has some blue and red glitters that both seem to be getting lost.

That's two coats. Let's see how the rest of the glitters look!

P-to-T: Playtime, Sea-Quin, Twist And Shout, Party Of Five and Treasure Hunt. My favorite combo this time around is definitely Twist And Shout. Party Of Five runs a close second. Those two seem to cover both total pop and absolute subtlety. What about Oh Baby!?

.....what about it? LOL I don't even know what to say. There are some extreme angles in front of my monitor where it'll flash purple, but otherwise it just adds a teensy bit of shimmer. Which would be kind of nice if the base didn't dull down On His Saddle's glow in the process.

Still rediculously sick, but the show must go on, eh? Tomorrow we'll be seeing which underwear Pure Ice picked out for Twist And Shout. Hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend!


  1. Haven't tried pure ice but the colour is so pretty;)

    1. Isn't it? :D They're coming out with some really great stuff for only $2/bottle!


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