Friday, December 28, 2012

Pure Ice Underwear #1: Over The Top

Ok, since this is the first one I figure I'll get this stuff out of the way. These next six posts will all feature polishes sent to me by Pure Ice. I'm not being paid to review them. Actually, I almost didn't opt into this opportunity, but a week or so after I received the email two things occured to me. 1) How bad I am at matching up underwears with glitters. 2) This would be the perfect opportunity to find a good base for Oh Baby!. So I picked out some underwear colors, I didn't get all of the ones I picked, but they were kind enough to send six colors anyway. Not only that, I also received the "intended" overwears! So what I'm going to do is utilize all ten, yes ten, of my fingers. I'll be matching up bases and glitters as shown in the promo email and trying out each glitter over each base and Oh Baby! as a little bonus journey for us. :D And since one of the glitters broke in transit I'll be using one of my unworn PI glitters as a stand-in. *phew* Six days of Pure Ice! Let's get started.

Ok, the first underwear polish I had to try is Over The Top. Their gold velour which I skipped over, but I shouldn't have because it's lovely, but it worked out in the end because here it is!

Ok, it looks kind of bronze-ish there. Looked more gold-ish in my computer light. ;) This is two coats, beautiful velour finish. I wish Pure Ice would release more of these so everyone can have them!

Pure Ice recommended Over The Top as a base for Sea-Quin. A lovely yellow-green glitter with bigger diamond-shaped glitters.

That's one coat of Sea-Quin. Love the color, love the funky diamond glitters, a bit "meh" on the combination. I love green, but I don't as much love that it keeps getting paired with gold. (the reason I haven't snatched up Models Own Dancing Queen) I know some people like green and gold together, I don't.

Still, love this glitter. Can't wait to see it over other underwears. Also, the diamond glitters don't poke out as much as you might think. They lay flat enough that I don't feel the need for a topcoat. Although some of you may anyway because there is a bit of texture. Nothing hair-grabbing, but noticeable.

So, how did the other glitters fare over Over The Top?

Pinky to thumb: Playtime, Cheatin, Twist And Shout, Party Of Five, and Treasure Hunt standing in for Five Some. Here they are in the shade.

My favorite combinations are with Playtime and Party Of Five. The gold and light blue actually aren't too bad together. Interesting. So what about Oh Baby!?

.......meh. Not much of a difference there. That's okay, though! We still have five more underwears in a variety of finishes. The journey has only begun! :D Hope everyone had a great week, looking forward to seeing you back here. Take care and have a safe and happy New Years weekend!!

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