Monday, December 24, 2012

Pure Ice: Super Charged

ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzz....*snorts* Huh? Oh hi! Is it Monday already? Actually, I know it is because I grabbed a magnetic polish last night. ;) The last one in my collection, for the moment. Another Pure Ice. Super Charged!

I tried to find the other Pure Ice magnet I had, but... I guess it got knocked off somewhere. No idea where it is. Thankfully I've been magnet nabby and have plenty to choose from. This time I used one of the Barry M magnets and it worked beautifully. Even on my more curvy nails. (middle and index)

On it's own this one looks a bit flat, but it's still a very pretty green.

I wanted to do a metallic as well (namely ChG Admire), but... I'm sick and sleepy and don't quite feel like it. I know I can swatch it any time, it's just one of those I keep putting off. :p Really need to do my toes again soon, too. Still have one last Runts polish! Orange.... -_-

Tomorrow is Christmas. Finally. Not really a holiday I celebrate personally, so I'll just be glad when the insanity is over. Just another day for me so I'll be here with another pretty pretty polish. Hope everyone is having a great week and a Merry Christmas!

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