Friday, December 21, 2012

Pure Ice #NailBasel Detailed

Hey everybody! I finally got my three designs down and figured it would make sense to have seperate "entry" and "detailed" posts. It's been a while since I've done actual nail art so this was pretty exciting. Not only seeing what I could come up with, but with the additional constraint of only using Pure Ice polishes! You'd think my collection was extensive enough that I'd be covered, but I did have to go out and purchase two of them. ;) The first of those being Silver Mercedes:

Which I used as the base for my "gift box". I've read and heard that Silver Mercedes works well for stamping so I wasn't surprised that it covered fully in one coat.

Then I pulled out my handy-dandy striping brush and striped on *Gift Of Gold:

This is a pretty subdued goldish color with some sparklies in there.

Then I pulled out some scotch tape and *Cherries On Top for the ribbon:

I agonized how to finish this one off and finally decided on holly. I used my dotting tool, First Time (my other purchase for this challenge) and *Cherries On Top:

I was afraid the same-colored berries wouldn't stand out against the ribbon, but it's not terribly hard to tell that's what it's supposed to be. ;)

And I found some low hanging mistletoe to pose with. hehehe

My second look turned into a sort of ruffian/gradient. I started with a base of *Cherries On Top:

You know I'm not crazy about the color, but look at the coverage! This is two coats and no "dirty nail" line!! Super impressed. Then came the second surprise. After a little side-test I didn't figure *Crushed Emerald would be full-coverage, but while working on the "gradient" part I realized I was a touch wrong.

I started with one coat ruffian-style, then added a second and a third for a gradient touch. You can see how well this glitter builds up.

I wanted a light, wintery background for the stamping. To achieve this I started with two coats of the Platinum Magic Base Coat (which came with their magic color change crackle) and covered that with one coat of Splash.

I did freehand the big star (*Gift Of Gold) and dotted a bit (Silver Mercedes), but I did stamp the trees with First Time and the sleigh with Silver Mercedes. There was supposed to be a gold bell where the star is, but it didn't stamp so well. Silver Mercedes and First Time however, are great for stamping. Oh, I forgot the last picture. :p

There you go. Sorry about that. Been a long day. Still feeling a bit under the weather and we had to get a new battery for the car. It's starting up just fine now. ;) Tomorrow is Saturday and since it is officially Winter now, I believe I will be swatching Winter Wonder. :) For those of you who celebrate, I hope you had a Blessed Yule. For those who do not I hope you had a fantastic day. Unless the world ends in the next few hours I will see y'all tomorrow!

*Crushed Emerald, Gift of Gold and Cherries On Top were provided to me by Pure Ice PR for use in this challenge. On my honor as a former (and still assisting) Girl Scout, the opinions expressed herein are my own and not in any way swayed by my excitement.

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