Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pure Ice: Black Velour & Wet n Wild: Party of Five Glitters (Plus!)

Ok, so I'm a total Futurama geek and every time I think the name Black Velour I hear it in Zap Brannigan's voice and, I'll admit it, it's kinda sexy. Thankfully the Black Velour polish lives up to that sexiness.

This polish makes me happy in ways I can't even explain. I love the black-polish statement and the matte look, the name and the lack of connection to anything anxiety-inducing.

Then... *sigh* See, I knew it was going to be "one of those days" shortly after I woke up. I decided to play Fallout while Aaron slept in and knocked his DVD out of the Xbox, 'bout kneed my laptop off the bed in the process, kept forgetting things across the room, won't even get into the dream I had last night... I could tell. So I really should have known better trying to mess with perfection.

I know it's bad form to blame the tools, but in this case I'm going to say that Party of Five Glitters is half to blame for this mess. It's one of WnW's "FastDry" polishes, and it did not. It did have good glitter distribution for the most part, but it was so thick (to hold the glitter) that it melted Black Velour and wasn't drying and so a lot of it smudged.

I definitely think I would like this for something like Mardi Gras. It's very festive and party-like. And there are five glitters: blue, green, red, pink and silver. It just either needs some thinner or more time to dry. I tried spraying and all that accomplished was making dog hair stick to my nails.... Bottle shot!

Pretty. Fun. Just not my day. :p I did get my new phone in yesterday, surprisingly, but without my chat buddy it's just not as exciting as it should be.

Aaaaaanyways, new polish time! No, still no A Englands. *sigh* I did get my December add-on, though! So here are my December Julep polishes:

Hilary, Cindy, and Colbie. I just got the shipping notice for my box of discontinued LEs so that should be here soon, too. Yay! Oh! With this month's box was an interesting little surprise:

Make-you-own nail polish cabochon ring. :D Pretty cool. You polish the bottom and pop it into the setting. I just have no idea which of my pretty, pretty polishes to use! Quite the conundrum.

In case you didn't know, Walgreens has Sinful Colors on sale 2 for $3 with the rewards card!! I was a little naughty and scored myself 6 new polishes. Yesterday I picked up:

Super Star, I Miss You, Faceted and Inkwell. I was going to grab Nova, but the name sounded familiar (even if the color did not) so I went home to check and I have Super Nova. So today when I went back (we end up there nearly every day) I picked up:

Happy Ending and Nova. Yes, more Sinful Colors; yes, more glitters. *facepalm* I just can't help myself. I see sparkles and lose my mind.

I'm going to try for a bit of soul-soothing monotony today and work on making myself this hat that NyanPon posted up today. My hair is pretty fried after all that bleaching (I know, I still haven't posted pics...) and this is the perfect disguise. Assuming I can find any of my hooks... I guess we'll see. Hope everyone's week is going well.


  1. Mmm yes that Black Velour sure is sexy! I don't mind it with the glitter, but prefer it on its own for sure.
    Shame you had one of those days. Sometimes (although quite rarely) I wake up and wish I had just stayed in bed with the quilt over my head all day.
    Hope things perked up for you! x

    1. Thanks. :) I appreciate that. I think once I finally make it through my stash I'll be wearing Black Velour quite a bit. ;)

  2. That Pure Ice looks great! I never seem to find much when I go to my Walmart.

    1. From what I've read, and my own experience, these new collections (with the matte, metallic, glitter, etc) were released to maybe one out of four Walmarts. I don't know if it was a shipping decision by Pure Ice or an ordering decision by each Walmart. I'm just glad I got lucky and caught them at my main Walmart when they stocked because the displays got demolished rather quickly.


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