Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nail Savvy: Silver Frost, NYC: 118A, Julep: Colbie

Can we say "WTF"? Of course we can! Will we? You know we will. Hello and welcome to the middle of the week. Today's selections are a mixture of WTF. First up is Nail Savvy's entry: Silver Frost:

This is two coats. So sheer. Was this intended as a frosty topcoat? I think the only silver is the little sparkles thrown in.

Our second entry is NYC 118A. First up WTF with the number and no name?

WTF with being so sheer? I remember buying this one all excited because the color was so green and futuristic looking and it took something like four coats to get anywhere near opaque before I gave up.

The last WTF is kind of my own fault. I really need to learn not to put glitters over anything else nearing metallic. Julep Colbie deserves better.

This really does look better indoors where the underlying color isn't so glaring. Interesting, though, look what happened when I took a picture in my shadow!

WTF?! LOL Weird. Anyway, here's your close-up even though it just makes things worse.

Oh my goodness I'm so bad at this. If I wasn't so neurotic I'd probably just stop, but I have 96 polishes unlinked and (presumably) nine more coming. Ah well, live and learn. Tomorrow I'll have something super nice. Even if it means sticking to one selection. I can do this. Maybe I'll try some stamping...


  1. Mwahaha you are so funny! I just love how you are so blunt <3
    Well, I have to say that I kind of agree. Not a polish I would rush out to buy, and the glitter didn't really improve things. On the plus side, the photo in your shadow makes it look very pretty! Maybe you have a magical shadow! :o

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy my little blog. <3 A magical shadow would be awesome! :D I'll have to keep trying to see what happens. ;) lol


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