Monday, December 17, 2012

Nabi: Khaki

Just a quick post for today. Have a lot to do to get ready for tomorrow since I'm fairly worthless in the mornings. :p Today's Magnetic Monday offering is Khaki! My final (for now) Nabi, and my 2nd to final (for now) Magnetic!

By itself Khaki is... interesting? Kind of a shimmery/frosty goldish-mustardish-khaki color... I dunno. I did get some bubbling and I'm not quite sure what that's all about either. Hrm... anyway, I harkened back and used the star design on the original China Glaze magnet. Mostly because it's one I know works well without a ton of effort.

And I almost got them all lined up properly this time! :D The magnetized color results on this one were a bit unexpected.

The design is a bright yellow-gold and the background turns into kind of a red-brown. Interesting.

So that's that. I said it was going to be quick. Realized last night I'm not quite doing as well as I thought so I'm going to go get some pics of tomorrow's polish then take a shower and try to wash some of this "blah" away. Also because I have to straighten my hair tonight or I'll be going to Dallas looking like some kind of deranged, blonde chia pet.... Hope everyone had a phenomenal weekend and is having a great start to their week.


  1. While I'm not impressed with the polish's formula itself for the reasons you pointed out in the post, I AM impressed with how well you were able to get the design to show up! :) Good stuff! The remind me of bursts of sunlight.

    1. Thanks. :) It does seem to be mostly magnet strength that determines how well the design turns out. Can be very hit & miss, but I always have good results with this one.


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