Sunday, December 2, 2012

MooD: Confident/Peaceful, China Glaze: Cracked Medallion, Bon Bons: "Pink"

Yep, big ol' mouthful of a title. Since my phone crapped out I was tempted to make a joke of it by swatching Unplugged, but as I was reaching for the bottle I decided I wasn't quite ready for that. So I went the other direction and decided to boost myself with the final color-change polish in my collection. Confident/Peaceful.

This is two coats, matte finish. Pretty color.

The color change on this one wasn't quite as dramatic as it was with Innocent/Daring or Funky/Fabulous. I took to the faucet to see what I could pull out of it:

Hot Water

Cold Water

Bask in the subtlety. ;) I kind of expected as much. I think it may have something to do with the color itself. Recall, if you will, Claire's Lonely/Loved. Perhaps light and dark blue are somehow difficult chemically. *shrugs*

Over top I finally decided to give Cracked Medallion a go.

Lovely metallic bronze crackle. I did use a clear topcoat under this since I've had problems with crackle and matte in the past.

There's something a bit magical about crackles for me. I mean, this polish is old. It was old when I got it on clearance. Yet it still works beautifully.

I did get two of my December Juleps (which I'll post up as soon as the add-on gets here... no idea why they don't just ship them together) so in the interest of maintaining progress, I decided to swatch the last bon bons polish on my toes.

The bottle doesn't have a name, so I'm calling it "Pink". :p

Pretty. My mom brought home some pink open-toe heels that I'm wearing with this pedi. Hey, it's Texas. Not too cold yet to wear open-toe shoes. :)

So concludes another blog post. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


  1. I have on occasion worn open toes shoes in a Michigan winter (with bare legs, even)--but only for special events where I won't be outside much. :)

    Love the layering you did with the crackle!

    1. Thanks! :D Oh my goodness, just thinking about open toes and bare legs in winter in Michigan is making me shiver. You are definitely far stronger than I.


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