Thursday, December 13, 2012

L'Oreal: Swift & Nails Inc: Pinkie Pink (+Plus!)

Hello, hello, hello.... Hello! Been kind of an odd day so far. Took forever to fall asleep and I had some strange dreams. At least I have some pretty polish. :)

First I have L'Oreal Swift. One of those "one coat dries quick" polishes.

Hrm. There's supposed to be some glittery shimmer in there, but their super thick "one coat!" formula kind of hid it all.

Which just makes it look bumpy. :/ That's ok, though! I just had to cover it up with some super awesome pretty pretty Nails Inc Pinkie Pink!

My pictures seriously do not do this justice. It's cool-toned teeny and medium pink glitters, and I did have some slight hit-and-miss coverage issues...

But it does look way better in real life.

Nails Inc put out this polish for October's Breast Cancer Awareness, but I didn't have it then. Still, it is the perfect compliment to my pretty Kitty necklace!

*LOVE* Just screams "Girl Power!". Anybody else miss the Spice Girls? I think I cried a little when they broke up.... Also... yes, I have some errant glitters that didn't want to come off my fingers. The other night I read this referred to as "glitter herpes".... I don't think I like that.... LOL

So I found an Ulta flyer laying around the house with a coupon so, of course, I had to go and see if anything struck my fancy. KarenD spotted a Zoya Ornate display at hers, so why not? I wandered around and noticed that their clearance section was kind of... missing. Huh? So I peaked around a bit more, some of the displays were moved around, finally I found the Zoya Ornates and grabbed:

Aurora, Storm and Logan. They were Buy 2 Get 1 free so I got all three for $13.50! :D I almost picked up a few of the China Glaze Cirque du Soliel polishes, but I can go back tomorrow with another coupon and save a bit more, eh? ;) Yes! I think I shall. I ordered two off of Amazon with some credits I had saved up. Hopefully they'll still have the Trap-eze one... Anyway, I asked the chick at the register what was up with the non-existant clearance section and what they're doing is to make room for all the Christmas merchandise they're hoarding the clearance stuff in the back for a huge clearance blow-out come January!! Oh you know I'll be there for that!

My awesomesauce mother-in-law found two more smaller drawers to house my growing collection, so I spent a little time yesterday re-arranging some things. I now have one huge drawer dedicated entirely to Sinful Colors, took my Zoyas for one small drawer and Pure Ice in the other, moved my Misas to where the Pure Ice used to be and now I have more room for expansion. Finally crested the 500 polish mark... Finally? O_o How insane is that? I should not be buying more and I know this, but... *shrugs* It makes me happy.

Still waiting on payment from one of my research panels, but I'm closing in on closing out sendearnings... slowly but surely. Still kicking ass on SwagBucks and OpinionOutpost is doing a Christmas "spin for points" wheel so I can (hopefully) make a bit of extra money on that before the month's out. :D No more special promotions from A England yet, so I have a bit of time there. Oh how I would love a ginormous A England haul... I think that may be my high-end essence... Gotta get 'em all. ;) To dream... Hope everyone is having a great week. :)


  1. Glad you found the Zoyas! I love old L'Oreals--though can see why you added the glitter to this one.

    1. Thanks! :D Me, too. I wanted to get them online, but I never seem to having money when they're doing special sales....

  2. So jelly that you got aurora and storm!! They're so beautiful! The nails inc glitter looks pretty cute too :)

    1. Thanks. ;) I'm just kind of wondering why Zoya put out holo-sparkles when there's not so much sun out? LOL Not sure if I should wear them now or wait until Summer.

  3. Whoa, that L'Oreal polish looks terrible on its own! :S You totally saved it and made it completely beautiful with your fun layering idea. :)

    Love the photo of your manicure with the Hello Kitty necklace - CUTE!

    1. hehehe Thank you. :) Looking back at these photos I wish I could have done them a little better. That pink glitter looks WAY better in real life.


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