Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lizzy's Hair (and Hat!) Post

Usually when I go messing with my hair I'll take a bazillion pictures and document the whole experience. This time.... not so much. I did have more pictures, but I think I deleted them in a fit of... something. I don't know. So I'm missing the "ultra bleach blonde" phase of this transition. Also the starting point. -_- Bad, bad Lizzy! So I started with my hair black with blue streaks. The blue was really dark and kind of hard to see anyway. Until I used this:

Feria "hi-lift" brown. A cool toned brown because I was trying to get away from doig red all the time. It's been my go-to color forevers and I wanted something different. Now, the "hi-lift" part, for some reason, made me think I wouldn't have to bleach or dye my hair prior...

I was wrong. LOL I look back thinking even with the funky blue-green stuck in there that was kinda cool and I probably should have just kept it like that. But no, not me. Few things will piss me of quicker than my stupid hair not doing what I want it to do so I bleached it... two or three times to get it as blonde and even as I could before dumping another box of that "brown" on it...

And this is what I've ended up with. "Hi-lift" brown apparently does not work well on bleach-blonde hair either. Cuz it still looks blonde to me. More toned down than it was before, but still. Not like the box. So now I'm determined to just grow this mess out (it's fried to hell anyways) and see how I feel with a head of fresh hair. Now, I've been "determined" before so don't be surprised if I turn out to be a big, fat liar. :p

(OMG! Pure Ice just "liked" my polish farewell post!!)

Ok, for those who missed it (or forgot), I've spent the last two days making this hat posted by NyanPon on her blog the other day. Mine is a little different because I don't have that neon yarn, but I think it looks kinda cool anyway...

Is that how these hats are supposed to look? I really have no idea. It looks bigger on the styrofoam head. I was worried because my yarn is a bit thinner than standard. Maybe I'll make another one....

Since I have my new phone I decided to play around with the settings on the camera, see how well it worked and that sort of thing. I generally have to take a bazillion pictures to get a handful that look halfway decent anyway. So first up I have a monochrome pic that is now my facebook profile pic:

I look goofy when I smile. :p I don't know how long I'll keep this one, but since I haven't been feeling much like makeups recently... *shrugs*... it could be a while.

This last pic... can only be described as an abomination. I love the 'negative' filter and the wicked effects it can create. I was going for kind of an intense look.... and... well...

Oh dear goodness lock up your children there's a monstrous hag on the loose!!!! *dies* LOL Just awful. So I guess that's it for me today. Hope you got a good laugh out of that. Take care and try not to have nightmares. ;)


  1. I actually really like you blonde! It suits you. Good luck with the growing out determination lol.
    You are a woman of hidden talents, being able to crochet like that! Nice hat!

    1. Aw! :D Thanks. You're so sweet. The hat wasn't too difficult once I got used to the humongous hook. lol

  2. I think the blonde looks really nice on you. Wow the hat is really well made. I tried crochet before but I was very bad at it :)

    1. Thank you. :) My mom got me started when I was young to keep me out of mischief. lol Who knew it would be practical someday?

  3. The brown with blue green does look nice--I probably would have stopped there because I am lazy with my hair. :)

    1. hehehe Thanks. :) I probably should have stopped, but once I get going.... LOL


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