Tuesday, December 18, 2012

KleanColor: Mystic Grass & Piggy Polish: Garden Galaxy

Hello lovelies! Just got back from my awesomesauce shopping trip with Brak. :D Turns out they opened an H&M in Austin so we didn't have to go as far. It's in one of those giant shopping complexes that's like a little village. :p We went to Macy's and tried on $100+ dollar dresses. I almost got one. This one:

I'm the one on the left. :p Sadly I couldn't rationalize spending $100 on a dress with no clue when I'd have the opportunity to wear it. :/ Which kinda sucks cuz it would've looked kick ass with the pleather jacket I snagged at H&M. I also got an orange sweater to replace the last orange sweater I got that didn't fit worth a damn. -_- This one fits.

So, the awesome polish combo I wore for this awesome day started with one of my last KleanColor polishes. Mystic Grass.

Which is green and not blue. *facepalm*

Also pretty sheer. That's two coats. Unfortunately I couldn't pull much more out of the teeny tiny mini bottle. :( Ah well. I just needed it as a base for one of my new Piggy Polishes. Garden Galaxy!!!

Oh I love this so much. This is only one coat of Garden Galaxy and it is so packed with teeny little green bar glitters it almost looks like flocking! Which I so want to try.

The only downside today (aside from the fact that I really should have worn sneaker) was that early on in the trying-on process... my thumbnail broke the rest of the way off. :(

My other thumb matches because I broke it in the process of messing with the mail. -_- At least they don't show up in pictures often. And on the bright side my new phone has that Swype texting so I don't have to worry about the weird no-nail texting while they grow out.

I know Aaron's going to want to get pictures of me in my new jacket so that will be forthcoming. The only decision I have to make is if I'm going to leave it plain as is or.... use it as the base for my Frank N Furter jacket because I have wanted one of those since I was 8 years old. I need to see where my pin collection is.

My Pure Ice holiday polishes came in while I was away and now I have to figure out what to do with them for the nail art contest... Welp, my phone just informed me I have 36 unread emails and I still have to catch up on SwagBucks (120SB goal on the one day I go out :p) so I will see y'all tomorrow! Hope everyone's having a great week.


  1. I've never tried any Piggy Polishes before, but that one is green and bar glitter? AWESOME! Great layering combination you did, and when you mention it, yes, it does indeed look a bit like flocking! COOOOOL!

    P.S. That's a fun dress you tried on. Hehe, is it bad that it made me dream of a nail polish in that colour? ;)

    1. *gasp* I didn't even think of a nail polish like that dress. That would be spectacular!


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