Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Julep: "Naida" & Color Club: Ho-Ho-Holly

Hello everyone! Told you I'd be here. ;) A very Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate. For those that don't, I hope this isn't a terribly inconvenient Tuesday for you. Today's mani could be described as "ill concieved", but... it mostly worked out in the end. I did a test swipe of Ho-Ho-Holly and the base color looked kind of dirty and... blue. Why did I choose a bright blue as a base? Unsure. Perhaps I have a split-personality that smokes crack. :p

Regardless of the reasons I started out with one coat of Julep's Mystery Polish. #4 on my spreadsheet; lovingly named "Naida" (the name of a water nymph) by my friend Holly.

Ok, it probably could have used two. This polish was a bit weird. Very thick, but also watery... I dunno, man. Very pigmented, didn't take forever to dry. Just the formula consistency is weird.

This bright beautiful blueness ended up being a base color for Color Club's Ho-Ho-Holly (as I mentioned previously). Chosen for today because it's the only polish I have with a Christmassy name.

Pretty. :) Two coats gives full-coverage, so no worries about the weird dirty-blue base they put the green sparklies in.

I *heart* green.... *sigh*

Instead of moping over the people I'm missing on this oh-so-joyous holiday, I'll share with you an awesome package I got from a very dear friend of mine who lives in Denmark. She searches for gifts with a more traditional feel for me (because I just love that kind of stuff) and this year I got the bonus of a story to go with one of them!

See that happy looking fellow to the left of the plate? That's Niels Farmdweller. I'll just let Janni tell this story:

Niels Farmdweller is said to be the first resident on the piece of land, that it is his, and he lived in an underground cave before the humans came to build houses and till the land. Only then he moved to more comfortable quarters at the barn or attic. He helped the humans with the work on the farm during the night, and took great care of the animals, protecting them from various dark creatures that sought to hurt them in the night. For example the nightmare. A creature that came to torment specially the horses by riding them at night, so they were ill and exhausted the next morning. In Danish "nightmare" is called mareridt, that can be translated into "ride of the mare". The horses were Niels Farmdweller's favorite animal, and his most beloved horse were said to be the fattest and never to be ill. Only the dog did he tease more than aid, so it barked at nothing in the night.

The Farmdweller were said to hold the farms good fortune, and he were paid at religious festivals with a large bowl of rice pudding with cinnamon, sugar and a ball of butter. But he were strict, and wanted good behavior from the people, especially they should be good to the animal, and not swear. If people did this, the Farmdweller were content and did his best to help the people, and if he were very pleased he improved the harvest or made a barren cow or horse with offspring. But if people were not nice, to either the animals or if they teased him, he started to warn the people of his dissatisfaction. He turned things upside down, broke small items, tied the cows' tails together, or replacing the sugar with salt. If the conditions did not improve or they made mischief with his rice pudding, his warnings grew more serious. He would make livestock barren, turn the beer sour or spoil the harvest. If still ignored or if not getting his payment, his retributions could be severe. He would kill livestock, make accidents happen that killed people, or let the red rooster crow. (This term means fire) He could also decide to leave the farm, taking all the fortune with him. Stories also tells that if a maid had been especially kind to the Farmdweller, he would move with her to her new home when she got married.

I like that story. :) It kind of resonates, ya know? Fabulous, and thanks to Janni for sharing it.

Tomorrow is Wendnesday, and also Kwanzaa. I don't know if I'm going to do themed nail art (not 100% sure if it would be appropriate or not), but I will have something. It'll be a surprise WTF! :D I think dinner may be ready so I'll go before I start rambling. Hope y'all enjoyed the story and the polish and everyone's having a great week and I'll see you tomorrow!

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