Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Julep: "Mango Smoothie", Markwins: "Yellow Glitter", Petites: "Shimmery Yellow"

Oh my goodness, I hate the cold. -_- Makes me want to get fat and hibernate. If I'm lucky I'll be able to squeeze in a nap after I post this. *sssshhhh* LOL It's the middle of the week and you know what that means! Or... has come to mean. Today's WTF theme is two-fold. I have three yellows; all three without official names printed on them. WTF?! Yep. After this, though, I think I will have all of my yellows linked so I should be able to just forget that it's a polish color for a while. Unless I do some nail art with a sun or something. ;)

First up is one of Julep's "Mystery" polishes, lovingly named "Mango Smoothie" by my friend, Barry.

I had the weirdest time with this one. The brush was a bit wonky and the formula started out really thin, but then got really thick when I was trying to even it out.

Kind of looks like I melted crayon over my fingernails. ;) Up next I have two topcoats, both gifted in Tammy's big ol' bag of polish. First is a Markwins "Yellow Glitter":

Which is slightly mis-named because the glitter is iridescent, the base is a sheer yellow.

I thought this Petites (which I'm sure has to have a name, I just haven't found it online yet) would be similar, but I was way off.

It's kind of a thick, frosty whitish-yellowish with glass-fleck shimmers. Would be really pretty if it were green or blue... or purple... or... any other color. :p

Ok, I don't really hate yellow. I just don't really like it as a nail polish color. I dunno, it's the only color that I really notice is super clashy with my skin-tone, I guess. I know some people can really pull it off, but I'm not one of them. Still, they have a home here and perhaps one day I'll get Eva to wear them for me to see how they look on her. :) Hope everyone's having a great week! I'm going to try to sneak in a nap before we have to brave the outside world. Auf Wiedersehen!


  1. Mango Smoothie seems like an appropriate name. I really like the colour!
    I like yellow nail polish, and it seems to look fine on you. Some polishes we just don't like with our skin tones though, nothing to be done about it I guess.

    1. Aw :) I'm glad you like it. Maybe one day I'll get used to it. I didn't used to like pink as much, but it kind of grew on me. ;)


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