Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hello Kitty: Blueberry, Color Club: Snow-Flakes & Pure Ice: Stop Flirtin

Still sick. So sleepy. So much to do and of course everything's going to be shut down for xmas. -_- Not to mention my mom's appointment on the 26th. *ugh* At least my polish is super pretty. ;)

Yep, finally got around to swatching Hello Kitty Blueberry! OMG Check this out:

Two smooth, perfect coats. Gorgeous periwinkle blue. No fighting, no babying, no tears. This is polish perfection right here.

I had two topcoats I wanted to wear over this, so I used them both. ;) Starting with Color Club's offering for the flakie world: Snow-Flakes.

This is one coat and I think that's a nice amount for these size flakies. Not too much, not too sparse.

Not terribly unique, but the formula was nice. Not too thick and it didn't melt the polish underneath. Makes it difficult to photograph when the flakies sink. :p

The second I fell in love with as soon as I saw it on the giant multi-collection display. Stop Flirtin is a clear base with small sky-blue glitter and medium silver hex glitter.

I love how bright and fun this is! Also one coat.

I didn't get a picture of them, but I ended up picking up some Rimmel minis at Walmart the other night. I thought I'd make it out safe without grabbing anything, but they had a side display with about 10 or so different colors for $1.50 each. I got four. A glitter, a minty green, an olive green and a lilac. All creams... except the glitter. :p

Made it up to Dallas to pick up my dad. No issues driving, weather was nice.... then after all of the hullabaloo about picking up a security/parking card... I had to use the call button anyways. Could not figure out how to get the stupid thing to work. So I'm going to be google-ing security card readers and how they work and see if I can't figure something out before I have to drive him back. Of course when we were on our way back he busts out with "Did you renew your registration?" .......damnit. *facepalm* No. With all the other crap going on last month my mind was elsewhere. So now I'm going to be all paranoid. Maybe they'll be open tomorrow.... If I can wake up early enough to get down there before they get busy.... If they're open. *ugh*

And I missed Austin Day yesterday. :( At least Brak had fun. Except for her being sick, too. Everybody's sick. My dad's gonna get sick.... Ok, I'm going to write down ALL the stuff I need to get taken care of this week somehow and then get dressed because we still have to fight the stupid xmas crowds to pick up our normal dinner. I'll be back tomorrow with (hopefully) a metallic and a magnetic. So many polishes, so few fingers. Hope everyone is having a great week so far. :)

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