Thursday, December 6, 2012

A England: Ophelia & Essence: In The Nude

Yes, I finally got my A Englands!!!!!!

Left to Right: Tess D'urbervilles, Ophelia, Avalon, and Dorian Gray. So excited and so relieved.

So it was easy to stick with my "we're just doing one polish today" affirmation. Concidering my recent loss it was also easy to decide on Ophelia. Not to be melodramatic or anything.

I always feel like kind of a d-bag saying it, but Hamlet is, by far, my absolute favorite Shakespearian play. That said, I never paid much mind to the character Ophelia so I won't even pretend to understand why Adina picked purple for her.

Back to the polish. Ophelia is a deep black base with purple shimmers. Two fluid coats that fully dried before bed. See? No sheet/hair marks!!

I did get some sun, but the deeply hidden shimmers were still difficult to capture. So here's a picture indoors with the flash.

So deep and lovely. Really feeling this today. I think tomorrow I'll give Dorian Gray a go, because I'm curious how Aaron's "art" idea will look.

So, one polish, two brands? Yup. I said I'd tell you what I thought of the essence lipstick when I got around to using it. Since I finished my hat last night and needed pics of that (seperate post coming), I figured why not make myself semi-human looking in the process? ;)

In The Nude is almost exactly what I've been looking for. A nice nude lipstick. I would have liked it to be a bit more pigmented, but it goes on really smooth, smells great (which is nice since my lips are right below my nose...) and isn't sticky or anything. The only weird thing is how the tube feels in my hand. I'm used to them being heavier so it kind of feels like a toy lipstick. lol I think over time I'll get over that, though.

OMG So Pure Ice is looking for nail bloggers to preview their polishes. I'm 100% sure that the selection process is going to be way more demanding than their "farewell" reachout, but I threw my hat in the ring anyway. One of the questions was "how many followers do you have" so I won't be surprised if I'm not picked. If that's why, then I'm totally okay with it. I've said it many times, this is predominantly a personal blog and that so many people are interested in my posts (even if it is just for the polish related bits) is wild. I love you guys and I'd much rather have this connection and friendship with a smaller audience than a sea of anonymous faces tearing apart my every move.

Enough gushing. :p I still have a hair/hat post to type up. Hope everyone's having a fantastic week.

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