Friday, December 7, 2012

A England: Dorian Gray & Sephora: Blasted Opalescent Gold

Looks like I have two new followers. Hi! (^_^)"/" Hope you enjoy your time here. Now, I know what some (ok, at least one) of you may be thinking. "Why on earth would you crackle over something as gorgeous as A England you filthy mani ruiner!!" Ouch. Harsh! LOL Simmer down a bit and let me explain. I mentioned way back when Adina released The Gothics collection that my wonderfully creative hubby had an idea for Dorian Gray. This idea involved crackle, but not in the traditional way.

He likes those old 'horror' stories, Dorian Gray (and Jekyll & Hyde) in particular. His idea was that Dorian is a damaged character, but on the inside, his outsides remain immaculate 'til the end, so I should layer the polish over a crackle. It's symbolic. Get it?

The thing is, Adina is a master and when I first layered Dorian Gray over my crackle it was so smooth I was afraid his idea wasn't going to work! Thankfully it did, though. If you're wondering what Dorian Gray looks like without the crackle undercoat, I've got ya covered.

Dorian Gray is either kind of magical, or it was just a trick of the light. It's like a dark gunmetal gray, but from some angles it looked like it had some gold undertones, and from some angles it looked almost greenish.

So what crackle did I use? Oh wait... it says in the title... Sephora by O.P.I Blasted Opalescent Gold!

This came out really cool looking. Yeah, I got bored last night so that's a coat of Psicodelica on my pinky... hehehe

I also think this is one of those topcoats that is going to look very different over different base colors so I'm going to have to try it out over... different base colors... :p

According to the package tracker my Juleps should be in the mailbox when we get back from picking up dinner. Which will bump me back over 100 unlinked polishes. Ah well. Should be a bit before I pick up any more. Before I go I have to say: I have the absolute best friends. These past few days have helped me to re-realize that. My heart still aches for the one that's incommunicado (comes from being a former army brat and having to leave so many behind), but I can't forget to treasure the ones still around. :) I love you guys. Especially those of you who humor me here on my blog and help me feel less crazy about my teensy little obsession. ;) Hope y'all have a fantabulous weekend! Come on back tomorrow to see what I have picked out for Sinful Saturday.


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