Monday, December 31, 2012

Pure Ice Underwear #4: Viva Las Vegas

Hello darlings! Last post of 2012!! :D Another year down the drain.... LOL Next year... next year will be better. *ahem* So anyway, Pure Ice ended up providing me with a perfect blingy celebration combo for New Years Eve! Starting with Viva Las Vegas.

This is.... three coats, I believe.

Yeah, Viva Las Vegas was kinda reminding me of Jules, too, so I did a comparison:

Jules on the left, Viva Las Vegas on the right. Close. Super close, but not dupes. Now for the lovely glitter topcoat!! Playtime!!

I'm not usually into gold, but for the holiday it works. Great coverage for one coat and the copper glitters thrown in there add interest.

This reminds me of China Glaze's I'm Not Lion, buuuut I don't have that one so no comparisons here. Sorry.

Viva Las Vegas makes an okay neutral base for the other glitters as well.

P-to-T: Cheatin, Sea-Quin, Twist And Shout, Party Of Five and Treasure Hunt. Nice, but Playtime is the clear winner. Oh Baby! did fairly well, too, though.

Gives off kind of a blue sheen. :) Prettier than I expected.

Welp, gotta leave at 3am to take my dad back to Dallas. Was kind of hoping that Sims would just keep me awake (so addicted), but I'm so tired. Everyone be safe out there. Tonight AAA is providing Tipsy Tow free for everybody so write this # down before you head out: 1-800-222-4357. They'll take you and your car home for FREE. There's no reason to not call. Hope to see y'all back in 2013!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pure Ice Underwear #3: Monte Carlo

*eep* The one I was seriously hoping to not get. Monte Carlo is a raspberry.... jelly.... *sigh*

Just like those too-sheer reds that keep ending up in my collection, except that it's not pure red.

Two coats, thankfully it didn't take ages to dry. Let's just get to the glitter....

Okay, okay, it's a red glitter, but I do kinda like this one. The blue glitters are a nice surprise. This is one coat of Twist And Shout.

I definitely see myself trying this over black at some point. How did the other glitters look?

P-to-T: Playtime, Cheatin, Sea-Quin, Party Of Five and Treasure Hunt. .....meh. I think Twist And Shout is my favorite combo with Monte Carlo. Oh! What about Oh Baby!?

That's.... not bad. Huh. That's three underwears down, three more to go. First, though, a small warning about On His Saddle!

It did sneak it's way past my basecoat. :/ Just a little.

Still feeling pretty sick. It's been nice that Pure Ice hooked me up so I haven't had to think too hard about which polishes to wear. ;) I've even got a nice festive combo lined up for New Years Eve tomorrow. Everyone be safe out there!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pure Ice Underwear #2: On His Saddle


Yes, I had to show it first. On His Saddle is a gorgeous, near-electric metallicish teal that positively glows all on it's own. Two smooth coats, dried fairly quickly. And the name? Love it.

As I was admiring this polish (all night) I thought that it kind of reminded me of Orly's Sweet Peacock. So I did a quick compare and.....

Not quite. Cousins, maybe; or half sisters. Now, On His Saddle is so lovely and has that shimmery/metallicish finish that I never would have thought to cover it up with glitter. Still, the fine people at Pure Ice thought it made a good match for Cheatin, so why not give it a try?

Hrm.... I don't hate it, but Cheatin has some blue and red glitters that both seem to be getting lost.

That's two coats. Let's see how the rest of the glitters look!

P-to-T: Playtime, Sea-Quin, Twist And Shout, Party Of Five and Treasure Hunt. My favorite combo this time around is definitely Twist And Shout. Party Of Five runs a close second. Those two seem to cover both total pop and absolute subtlety. What about Oh Baby!?

.....what about it? LOL I don't even know what to say. There are some extreme angles in front of my monitor where it'll flash purple, but otherwise it just adds a teensy bit of shimmer. Which would be kind of nice if the base didn't dull down On His Saddle's glow in the process.

Still rediculously sick, but the show must go on, eh? Tomorrow we'll be seeing which underwear Pure Ice picked out for Twist And Shout. Hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Pure Ice Underwear #1: Over The Top

Ok, since this is the first one I figure I'll get this stuff out of the way. These next six posts will all feature polishes sent to me by Pure Ice. I'm not being paid to review them. Actually, I almost didn't opt into this opportunity, but a week or so after I received the email two things occured to me. 1) How bad I am at matching up underwears with glitters. 2) This would be the perfect opportunity to find a good base for Oh Baby!. So I picked out some underwear colors, I didn't get all of the ones I picked, but they were kind enough to send six colors anyway. Not only that, I also received the "intended" overwears! So what I'm going to do is utilize all ten, yes ten, of my fingers. I'll be matching up bases and glitters as shown in the promo email and trying out each glitter over each base and Oh Baby! as a little bonus journey for us. :D And since one of the glitters broke in transit I'll be using one of my unworn PI glitters as a stand-in. *phew* Six days of Pure Ice! Let's get started.

Ok, the first underwear polish I had to try is Over The Top. Their gold velour which I skipped over, but I shouldn't have because it's lovely, but it worked out in the end because here it is!

Ok, it looks kind of bronze-ish there. Looked more gold-ish in my computer light. ;) This is two coats, beautiful velour finish. I wish Pure Ice would release more of these so everyone can have them!

Pure Ice recommended Over The Top as a base for Sea-Quin. A lovely yellow-green glitter with bigger diamond-shaped glitters.

That's one coat of Sea-Quin. Love the color, love the funky diamond glitters, a bit "meh" on the combination. I love green, but I don't as much love that it keeps getting paired with gold. (the reason I haven't snatched up Models Own Dancing Queen) I know some people like green and gold together, I don't.

Still, love this glitter. Can't wait to see it over other underwears. Also, the diamond glitters don't poke out as much as you might think. They lay flat enough that I don't feel the need for a topcoat. Although some of you may anyway because there is a bit of texture. Nothing hair-grabbing, but noticeable.

So, how did the other glitters fare over Over The Top?

Pinky to thumb: Playtime, Cheatin, Twist And Shout, Party Of Five, and Treasure Hunt standing in for Five Some. Here they are in the shade.

My favorite combinations are with Playtime and Party Of Five. The gold and light blue actually aren't too bad together. Interesting. So what about Oh Baby!?

.......meh. Not much of a difference there. That's okay, though! We still have five more underwears in a variety of finishes. The journey has only begun! :D Hope everyone had a great week, looking forward to seeing you back here. Take care and have a safe and happy New Years weekend!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sally Hansen: Hot Magenta & Piggy Polish: Confetti

I think my polish addiction is turning me bipolar. LOL I was all sad and mopey earlier because Target sold out of the Hello Kitty hair driers (*fail*) then the UPS guy drops off some polish for me (which I'll get to at the end) and YAY! Happy Lizzy. :D Maybe I'm just easy to please.

For today's swatches I have an interesting combination for you. Starting with Hot Magenta.

I have no idea when or why I bought this. So many polishes I remember and this one.... I have no clue! LOL It's a pretty awesome color, though. Just like the name. Hot Magenta, and it's got some pink shimmer to really make it pop. This is two coats.

Nice. I was looking down my collection and it seemed a suitable base for Confetti!

Which my camera did not want to pick up! Confetti is a medium purple glitter (not too red or blue) with green and yellow bar glitters. This is one thickish coat and the actual color is somewhere between these two:

Yeah, like PURPLE. Way awesome. You should see it in real life. And when you do, you should buy it because it's awesome. Total party in a bottle. :)

Two things! First, Aaron remembered seeing the Hello Kitty hair dryer at Action Pawn. It wasn't as cheap as Target, but I do have one now. :D Second, Pure Ice is promoting their base colors (underwears *teehee*) pairing with their glitters and I was contacted to help show them off! :D :D Yay! So next week's Saturday, Monday and Wednesday will be suspended while I mix and match these lovelies:

YES!! Polish pyramids. One of the bottles broke in transit (I let them know), but the show will go on. Still plenty of colors and glitters to play with and I'm insanely excited. I kept the cardboard with the leaked polish so I can show you that because, let me tell ya, this color is amazing! Reminds me of The Black Knight. For real! If I don't get a replacement bottle (which I'm not expecting) you can be sure I'll be keeping my eyes open for this one in Walmart. For now I have bottles to organize, html to update and dinner to eat. :) Hope everyone's having a great week!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Zoya: Jules, NYC: Wall Street & NYC: Manhattan

*snuggles* Is anybody else absolutely freezing? I wanna do my toes, but I'm afraid to take my socks off! :p I haz toe socks. With frogs on them. hehehehe It's been a very long, very cold day so far, but I still have three WTF polishes for you this Wednesday. :D

Starting off with Zoya Jules. I picked up Jules for $4 on clearance at Ulta. I like the color, otherwise I wouldn't have grabbed it. Even for $4. Just... I kept waiting for myself to be in the mood for nude (HA!) and it just never came. So here it is, finally.

Jules is kind of a nude with kind of a gold shimmer. I didn't expect to hate it, and I don't. I also didn't expect it to be a three-coater, but it was. Hrm.

If you follow along at all, these next two are fairly self-explanatory WTFs. Both NYC. Both in the "red" range. Meh... I had to get them swatched. They were taunting me. I kind of go out of my way to not pick up more NYCs because the formula is always kind of underwhelming (and last I heard they do animal testing) so hopefully this brand can stay off my "to do" list for a while. First up: Wall Street

I remember picking this up. I thought to myself "I want a basic pretty pink". I don't know why. I was totally disappointed at the super sheerness of Wall Street and in my box it went. Layered over Jules it only needed two coats to look presentable, but on it's own I think I got up to four.

Woah! LOL Ok, the second NYC I got with a BOGO(free) coupon from my mother-in-law back in April. There's not a terrific selection of "New York Minute" polishes so I just grabbed two I didn't have. Lexington Yellow and this one! Manhattan

Manhattan is actually a really lovely, deep purple plum color. Buuuuuuut.... yes, but. It's so super pigmented you want to be a lot more careful applying it than I was. :p I don't like having naked nail around the outside of my polish so when cleanup ends up messier than the mess I get a bit iritated. Also, my batteries are dead-dead so no close-up. Sorry! Sorry. I know, it breaks your heart, right?

I did manage to get pictures of the wicked awesome prezzie my ultra-bestie picked up when I missed Austin Day. (*sad*)

*SQUEE!* Hello Kitty Hamburger. But wait! "Unzip it" "There's more?!" "Yeah" hehehehehe

What?! :D *nom~nom~nom* "she doesn't have a mouth, though" "she eats by osmosis?" LOL I am a bit jealous of her daughter since she got a Furby, but that's ok. I LURVES my Kitty-burger. It's sitting up by my Kitty nightlight/alarm clock. In burger form. It tickles me. After renewing my car's registration sticker I have more leftover than I thought so I may be swinging by Target to see if they still have the Kitty hair dryers on sale. ;) Just to be clear, Hello Kitty herself is only my third favorite Sanrio character. Surpassed by Keroppi (#1) and My Melody (#2); but they don't have near the merchandise that Kitty herself does. I also like Pekkle. And Cinnamoroll. And Purin.... yeah.... total Sanrio junkie.

*ahem* I'm sleepy. :p I did do quite well today. Went by Sally's to check out their sales and didn't buy anything. No polishes really struck me and even though they had a really sweet deal on dye I couldn't decide on a color so I skipped it. There was a shoe place on the way to the registration place with all shoes $10.... skipped it. *shrugs* I did order myself a few talismans from AzureGreen with some internet monies.

Anyway, Happy Kwanzaa! Hope everyone has a great day, great week, great end to the year. Have fun, stay safe and I'll see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Julep: "Naida" & Color Club: Ho-Ho-Holly

Hello everyone! Told you I'd be here. ;) A very Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate. For those that don't, I hope this isn't a terribly inconvenient Tuesday for you. Today's mani could be described as "ill concieved", but... it mostly worked out in the end. I did a test swipe of Ho-Ho-Holly and the base color looked kind of dirty and... blue. Why did I choose a bright blue as a base? Unsure. Perhaps I have a split-personality that smokes crack. :p

Regardless of the reasons I started out with one coat of Julep's Mystery Polish. #4 on my spreadsheet; lovingly named "Naida" (the name of a water nymph) by my friend Holly.

Ok, it probably could have used two. This polish was a bit weird. Very thick, but also watery... I dunno, man. Very pigmented, didn't take forever to dry. Just the formula consistency is weird.

This bright beautiful blueness ended up being a base color for Color Club's Ho-Ho-Holly (as I mentioned previously). Chosen for today because it's the only polish I have with a Christmassy name.

Pretty. :) Two coats gives full-coverage, so no worries about the weird dirty-blue base they put the green sparklies in.

I *heart* green.... *sigh*

Instead of moping over the people I'm missing on this oh-so-joyous holiday, I'll share with you an awesome package I got from a very dear friend of mine who lives in Denmark. She searches for gifts with a more traditional feel for me (because I just love that kind of stuff) and this year I got the bonus of a story to go with one of them!

See that happy looking fellow to the left of the plate? That's Niels Farmdweller. I'll just let Janni tell this story:

Niels Farmdweller is said to be the first resident on the piece of land, that it is his, and he lived in an underground cave before the humans came to build houses and till the land. Only then he moved to more comfortable quarters at the barn or attic. He helped the humans with the work on the farm during the night, and took great care of the animals, protecting them from various dark creatures that sought to hurt them in the night. For example the nightmare. A creature that came to torment specially the horses by riding them at night, so they were ill and exhausted the next morning. In Danish "nightmare" is called mareridt, that can be translated into "ride of the mare". The horses were Niels Farmdweller's favorite animal, and his most beloved horse were said to be the fattest and never to be ill. Only the dog did he tease more than aid, so it barked at nothing in the night.

The Farmdweller were said to hold the farms good fortune, and he were paid at religious festivals with a large bowl of rice pudding with cinnamon, sugar and a ball of butter. But he were strict, and wanted good behavior from the people, especially they should be good to the animal, and not swear. If people did this, the Farmdweller were content and did his best to help the people, and if he were very pleased he improved the harvest or made a barren cow or horse with offspring. But if people were not nice, to either the animals or if they teased him, he started to warn the people of his dissatisfaction. He turned things upside down, broke small items, tied the cows' tails together, or replacing the sugar with salt. If the conditions did not improve or they made mischief with his rice pudding, his warnings grew more serious. He would make livestock barren, turn the beer sour or spoil the harvest. If still ignored or if not getting his payment, his retributions could be severe. He would kill livestock, make accidents happen that killed people, or let the red rooster crow. (This term means fire) He could also decide to leave the farm, taking all the fortune with him. Stories also tells that if a maid had been especially kind to the Farmdweller, he would move with her to her new home when she got married.

I like that story. :) It kind of resonates, ya know? Fabulous, and thanks to Janni for sharing it.

Tomorrow is Wendnesday, and also Kwanzaa. I don't know if I'm going to do themed nail art (not 100% sure if it would be appropriate or not), but I will have something. It'll be a surprise WTF! :D I think dinner may be ready so I'll go before I start rambling. Hope y'all enjoyed the story and the polish and everyone's having a great week and I'll see you tomorrow!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Pure Ice: Super Charged

ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzz....*snorts* Huh? Oh hi! Is it Monday already? Actually, I know it is because I grabbed a magnetic polish last night. ;) The last one in my collection, for the moment. Another Pure Ice. Super Charged!

I tried to find the other Pure Ice magnet I had, but... I guess it got knocked off somewhere. No idea where it is. Thankfully I've been magnet nabby and have plenty to choose from. This time I used one of the Barry M magnets and it worked beautifully. Even on my more curvy nails. (middle and index)

On it's own this one looks a bit flat, but it's still a very pretty green.

I wanted to do a metallic as well (namely ChG Admire), but... I'm sick and sleepy and don't quite feel like it. I know I can swatch it any time, it's just one of those I keep putting off. :p Really need to do my toes again soon, too. Still have one last Runts polish! Orange.... -_-

Tomorrow is Christmas. Finally. Not really a holiday I celebrate personally, so I'll just be glad when the insanity is over. Just another day for me so I'll be here with another pretty pretty polish. Hope everyone is having a great week and a Merry Christmas!