Sunday, November 4, 2012

Zoya: Noot & Orly: Be Brave & Julep Polish Remover Review

HaHA! As much of a mouthful as that is I'm still having to post twice today. ;) First things first; the loveliness that is Zoya Noot:

Beautiful, smooth, dark-dark grey cream. Two easy coats... and... yeah. I noticed my bottle of Psicodelica was drying out so I added some polish thinner and was a bit hasty testing to make sure it was still ok. Sorry 'bout that. Back to Noot!

So smooth. It went on a tad thick so it did take a while to fully dry. Thankfully I've been starting early so no sheet-marks! :D Uhm... I want to say the second picture is more color accurate. The top one looks a bit blue...

Orly's Be Brave was part of a display for Breast Cancer awareness. I've seen it swatched with their Glam FX collection so... *shrugs* This one did not want to photograph. Something about my camera and my fingers just did not want to mesh with this pink-magenta. Fortunately after 20 shots I did manage a totally color accurate bottle shot!

Yeah, I'm not totally into pinks or reds, but this one just kept catching my eye and I had to have it.

This is three coats of Be Brave. The glitters look pretty dense in the bottle, but it just wasn't giving me the kind of coverage I wanted.

Still quite stunning. Especially in the sunlight. Ready for video?

So sparkly! :D It did take a while to dry and I needed a topcoat which didn't help. Also, I got a bit of shrinkage. Still... totally worth it. I love this color and the little charm on the bottle. Want to see what's coming up on today's second post?

hehehe Went to the range again. First, though, I did try out the Julep polish remover pad like I said I would.

The pad itself was a bit thick with a rough texture.

I followed the directions and after 30 seconds of soaking, here's the result after the first swipe.

So I did have to do a bit of rubbing to get the rest. Unfortunately...

I only got through three fingers before the pad dried out.

Not even rubbing did anything by that point. Shucks. It seemed pretty saturated, but I guess that's just bound to happen. I removed the rest of my polish with my normal cotton balls and remover. So they don't really suck suck, just... I think I'll save the last two for an on-the-go emergency. Post #2 coming up shortly. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. :)


  1. noot looks great! not really into the type of polishes with those strings but all in all.. great nails ;)

    1. Thanks. :D I know a lot of people are put off by it, but I think it creates a really nice effect. Just wish it was a little more dense. Thanks for stopping by!


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