Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Zoya: Evvie & China Glaze: Luminous Lavender (Plus!)

Was I kind of hoping that mentioning my dilema would be a cosmic "now you get to look like an idiot" catalyst? I actually hadn't though about it. Until it didn't happen. *shrugs* Patience is not my strong point. Yesterday I decided to do something fun and so I started with one, yes one coat of Zoya Evvie.

I really should have done one of my nails with Noot because they are different, but not by much. lol It's easier to see in the bottles sitting next to each other than two seperate posts.

Yeah, the color's a tad off in that one. It looks more like the top picture. Like I said, though, one coat. If I were wearing this alone I would have gone for two just because it makes cleanup a bit easier. With one coat I tend to take some of the polish off of my nail while I'm cleaning up around. -_- As it was, though, I just wanted a darkish base for Luminous Lavender!

I was very pleasantly surprised! From what I had read I was expecting it to turn out like WnW's We Need To Talk..., but it was as dense, and cracked just as well, as the rest in the collection.

I really hope China Glaze puts out more of these glitter crackles. Silver and white and black and orange and, dare I say it?, red and rainbow... C'mon China Glaze, these are awesome! Since I do have the full collection now, you know I had to show 'em all together.

Left to right: Glam-More, Jade-D, Gleam Me Up, and Luminous Lavender.

Fabulous! These polishes are just so much fun and they look great together. I think even Abbie would have to admit that's pretty hawt. ;)

Now the Plus! So last night I was checking facebook and Pure Ice is discontinuing 28 (yes, 28!) of their polish shades next year. They decided it would be nice to have nail bloggers write up memorial posts for the polishes that are disappearing. I love this idea. It's all interactive and, like, part of the healing process since we are losing something. Love it even more that they're giving away the polishes. Love it even more that I got in early enough to qualify! :D They only had a limited supply and apparently demand was pretty high, but I just got the email that mine were shipped. I'm both excited, and kind of honored. My little blog may not be big enough to get to preview upcoming collections (if it's a matter of size, as it seems to be, I'm not sure I want to be that big anyways), but I'm glad to be able to be a part of sending off for discontinued polishes. LOL I didn't even realize until after hearing back from them that my cover photo on facebook is me holding five Pure Ice polishes. XD

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I've had the next WTF polish picked out since last week. If I don't wear it now, I never will. LOL Time for a shower. Hopefully that'll help with my headache. Hope everyone's having a great week so far.

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