Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wet n Wild Minis

What just happened? Here I am trying to keep myself busy and so now I'm way busy and I have mixed feelings about the kind of busy I am. Hoping it's not a sign. The signs have been good lately, at least as far as the radio and my horoscope. So what happened today? I was going to do something blue on my nails (since I'm still waiting) and start working on these minis for my toes and the first one didn't quite show up well on my toes so I used it on my fingers and then one thing lead to another and next thing I know they're all done. Aaron bought these minis for me... a long time ago. I used them all in my first splatter mani, but that's not really the same as swatching, right? That's why they've remained unlinked. So here they all are for your viewing pleasure and my own sanity.

Ta-da! Ok, so the first one I attempted is Sugar Coat. I'm assuming it's intended for frenching.

This is two coats.

So then I decided to just polish over that with Candy-licious.

This is one coat. Very pretty lightish-but-bright pink.

Then I went over that with one coat of Through The Grapevine.

Which is kind of a lovely fuschia color.

Then I figured "oh well I only have two more of these" and so I took all of that off and started over with two coats of Break The Ice.

This one is definitely more of a shimmery topper.

Last, but not least, is Bite The Bullet. My favorite of the five.

If I can ever find a full size bottle of this one, I'm totally grabbing it.

*phew* Five whole swatches. Technically eight for the day because my Pure Ice memorial polishes came in today and I wanted to get started on those before losing daylight. Which, as of now, I have. So that's for tomorrow's post. A sad farewell to discontinued polishes.

*EDIT!* To see Break The Ice swatched over the rest of these Click Here!

Also, I was bad. Julep sent a link to their Maven Secret Store. This time they had five of their discontinued limited edition polishes on sale for $8/each or all five for $20. That's $4/each! And I'm not getting my hopes up, but one of them looks like it might be Elizabeth. *fingers crossed* That's pretty much the only reason I ordered it. :p That and the cheap-o price and they're discontinued LEs...

Can't believe the week is almost over... Hope everyone's having a good one!


  1. What, you didn't swatch Break the Ice over the other colors? ;)

    1. I know! I'm terrible at this. LOL I'm going to do that before starting on my Sinful Saturday mani.


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