Friday, November 30, 2012

Spotlight for Pure Ice Discontinueds

Today's post is kind of an honor for me. I know I'm not the only blogger who will be taking a look at these soon-to-be discontinued polishes, but that's ok. Pure Ice is discontinuing quite a few of their colors and they're allowing us to sample these colors and bid them farewell. Which is really cool of them to do that for us. Pure Ice has been a little hit-and-miss for me in the past, but they've really come a long way in just this past year. Crackle? Magnetic? Matte? Yes, please! So I'm excited that they're making room for new colors and, theoretically, getting rid of some not-so-amazing colors. This got me thinking, is that really the case? Why were the chosen colors chosen? Before we can welcome the new shades, it seems only polite to sit back and appreciate those that are leaving us. These are the five that were provided to me (for free with no incentive) to share with you so we can bid them farewell:

Left to right: French Kiss, Iced Copper, In The Mood, Once Again!, and Desire You.

Yes, Desire You did leak a bit, but the bottle did not break and I got it all cleaned up. From just the bottles the only one that kind of surprised me was Once Again!. I tried to pick colors based on their description to avoid sheer topcoaty ones, but I suppose it was good for me to get at least one of those. I mean, it needs love too and if it were sitting lonely in the clearance bin I would surely give it a home as much as any other color. ;)

The first color we are saying goodbye to is French Kiss.

I didn't notice anything particularly off-putting about the formula and the color is gorgeous! It reminded me a lot of Barielle's Berry Blue, except a bit lighter and less stainy.

Why must we say goodbye to French Kiss? Surely I do not know. I have to believe this was a tough decision. Farewell French Kiss. I'm glad I have you in my collection. You're a beautiful polish.

Up next is Iced Copper.

Again, I'm unsure why this one is being discontinued, unless maybe it's too similar to another newly released color? Two coats, beautiful finish. This one, I think, is my favorite.

It's sophisticated and perfect for fall, but unfortunately we must bid farewell to Iced Copper as well. I promise I will wear you again someday.

Third is In The Mood. A shimmery blue beauty that looks so promising in the bottle...

But just doesn't quite meet expectations. This is why Pure Ice has made me wary in the past and I can only hope that more of those 28 are like this one. Why so sheer?

This is four coats. I'm sorry, In The Mood, but I can't say I'm sorry to see you go. Perhaps one day I'll try you over a full-cover black or silver, but until then I'm glad that Pure Ice is (hopefully) moving forward. I feel bad, my polishes are like my babies, but this way-more-sheer-than-it-ought-to-be business breaks my heart.

Number Four is a polish that I knew by looking at the bottle was going to be sheer. So I layered Once Again! over French Kiss.

That is pretty. Although, I suppose, a bit generic. I'm sad to say I do understand why Once Again! is being discontinued.

To be fair to In The Mood, here is Once Again! by her lonesome.

Auf Wiedersehen, Once Again!. I think you'll make a great galaxy-type topcoat over black in the future.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Desire You.

Another perfectly beautiful shade that I'm so glad to have as part of my collection.

This one is two coats. Lovely color, a bit brush-strokey, but otherwise very nice, smooth formula. I don't know why this one didn't make the cut either. Desire You is pretty enough to look at, but understated enough to be professional looking. I'm sad to say goodbye to you, but alas I must.

I would definitely buy three of these, which is more than half, so it does make me wonder what the standards for elimination were. Although, concidering what Pure Ice has offered recently I'm also excited about the new colors that will be replacing these next year. These pretty, pretty polishes may soon be gone from store shelves, but will remain in our hearts, in my collection, and on this blog. Don't worry, darlings, you will not be forgotten.

Thank you, Pure Ice, for giving me and the nail blogging community the opportunity to say goodbye in our own special (and perhaps slightly deranged) way. Yes we know how crazy we sound, but that's what you like about us isn't it? I think it is. If you're looking for a more interactive polish company on facebook, check out Pure Ice. Thank you all for joining me in my send off. Hope everyone has had a great week.


  1. I love the purple n darker blue.wish I had them in my collection.pure ice is my favorite brand of polish.I always wondered what happened to shades I know longer saw on the shelf at the store.guess I now know.thanks for sharing this info.

    1. Yep, a lot of them are being discontinued. I think some newer ones are Limited Edition and they go quick! I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. I have french kiss and in the mood & must say, in the mood is lovely over french kiss.

    1. I'll definitely have to try that, thanks! :)


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