Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sinful Colors: San Francisco

AIYEEGYAAAA!!!! -_- Just a quick post because, even though I can't do a thing about it until A) my hubby wakes up and B) my stupid hair dries, I'm totally buggin' over my stupid hair and the fact that it didn't turn out even close to what I wanted. I picked up this Feria "Hi-Lift" brown hoping it would turn my dyed-black hair to a lighter brown color and No, it did not. Does not work. Not like that anyway. I picked up two boxes, only needed one, so I'm going to pick up some bleach and hope it doesn't all fall out. I hate my hair....

As the title says, for Sinful Saturday I have for you San Francisco. A color that I've owned forever and have worn before (as evidenced by the nearly half-empty bottle) and I think part of me remembered it being sheer, but omg I was not expecting this:

You can see by my index finger that it's not 100% sheer all the time, but wow.

That's three coats and it looked fine indoors, but as soon as that sun came out... oy. Should be fine for today and tonight (possibly while the bleach does it's thing) I'll be trying out Julep's Minka. I wanted to avoid going from green to red (oh the xmassy implications!!), but I think I'll manage to live with myself.

aw... now that it's drying I'm kinda liking how it turned the blue into kind of an aqua.... but I just can't take the black anymore. It has to go. ......meh. Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!


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