Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sinful Colors: Gorgeous and Ice Dream

OMG I got another follower! HI!! :D Almost to 40. Wow. Thank you guys so much. You help me to not feel like a crazy person. lol I also seem to be a bit of a magnet for spammy commenters, lately. Hrm. Thankfully Blogger has a really good spam-catcher so those nonsensical comments have yet to see the light of day. Muahahaha!!! *ahem* Hey, though, I did manage to keep my word again. Totally getting better at that. I started off with Gorgeous which I've had for ages.

This is three coats of Gorgeous and you can see it's still a bit sheer, but OMG "the colors, Duke, the colors!"! Here it is in the shade where it still practically glows.

*dies* After I got this on I wanted to slap myself for taking so long to wear it.

Up next I have Ice Dream which I picked up.... a couple weeks ago?

This is one coat of Ice Dream over Gorgeous. Ice Dream isn't quite full coverage, but it does look like it could be. I like how the teal underneath adds a bit of depth.

I almost didn't get this one because it looked so similar to NYC's Starry Silver Glitter, but I'm totally glad I did! If you check that link you'll see that Ice Dream is a lot more densely packed with glitters. :D

Lovely. OMG! So my friend Dave got me this awesomesauce necklace for my birthday!! It's Hello Kitty with rhinestones and her bow pops out and it's an 8GB USB drive!! *dies* I feel like a super-spy wearing it. :D He said he also sent some polishes. He's an amazon addict and said they shipped in all different directions so I'll be sharing those as soon as they get here. hehehe Also, I'll remember a pic of my necklace tomorrow. Went clothes shopping with Brak (she had a homework assignement to go out and stimulate the economy... *shrugs*) and now I feel all gross and fat again... *pleh* My own fault, I guess. Been slackin'.... *ahem* Anyway, chalk that up to things that are 'good to know'. I think for tomorrow I'm going to try out the hideous mustard colored beauty that is Hampstead Gardens. You know I love me some ugly colors. LOL Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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