Thursday, November 15, 2012

Orly: Fowl Play

Hiyee! Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I love you guys so much. To show my appreciation, I managed to keep my word and have for you the beauty that is Fowl Play:

Fowl Play is a fairly sheer purple base with silver shimmer, tiny blue glitters, and orange flakies that shift to green. OMG! Purple, orange and green all togehter. *dies* I got this color from a couple of angles.

So pretty!!! This is three coats and a topcoat because it did dry a little bumpy. Oh my goodness it's so pretty. :D OOOooooh, apparently Fowl Play is from a "Birds of a Feather" collection. That explains the name. hehehe Oh, apparently Sweet Peacock was also part of that collection. I'm on the ball now... I think I need the other three as well... ;)

Oh my goodness Ulta and Sephora are trying to kill me with coupons and freebies! NO! I'm waiting to see if Zoya has a kick-ass Black Friday sale! Also any upcoming A England sales... Still waiting on my cashout to clear. Also one from an online panel I finished. Said it could take 4 weeks?! *dies* So much monies in internet-limbo....

Ok, gonna try and take a nap and then I'll have Androgynie ready for you guys tomorrow! :D

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