Friday, November 16, 2012

Orly: Androgynie, Sephora: Blasted Opalescent & Runts: Strawberry

I do have the pictures for my metallic green comparison post, just that since I managed three polishes in this one I figured I'd separate them. :) First up, of course, is Orly's Androgynie:

This one was pretty sheer and since I didn't want a washed-out looking black (or upwards of 5 coats), I layered it over essence Black Is Back. So this is one coat of Androgynie.

I love the glitters they put in this. They're not terribly shiny and the colors are a bit muted, but it works. Totally reminds me of outer-space. I'm a tad disappointed that the glitter wasn't a bit more dense, but overall I really like this look. Bottle shot!

Lovely. Of course the black base was the perfect opportunity to try out one of my Sephora polishes! This is Sephora by O.P.I in Blasted Opalescent.

PRETTY! :D I already know I'm going to be trying this one over some different colors. Perhaps some pastels. The formula was really thick, almost like a gel, but it went on super smooth and it totally works out for these kinds of crackles. And look!

You can still see some of Androgynie's glitters peaking through. Super cool. Lastly I have Runts Strawberry on my toes. The scent wasn't quite as strong as the rest of them.

I'm debating just polishing the pink Bon Bons over this one, since the blue one was so sheer. We'll see. :) Tomorrow is Sinful Saturday and I'll be swatching another one that's been in my collection forevers, and possibly one that's a little newer. Exciting!

Aside from polish I'm mostly trying to clean up around here. Got so distracted trying to quick get my SwagBucks to the cashout point that things are a bit messy. Everybody ready for the weekend? I know I'm not! LOL

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