Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nail Savvy: USA Ivory Tip & L'Oreal: B-52 & Lapins!

I'm not sure what I was going to do for today, but after my friend Pumpkin (aka: Barker) posted up on facebook that she wanted me to do bunny faces I decided that's what I would do. And, of course, get some more polishes linked in the process. ;) She had a picture with the request, so I tried to make them sort of like the picture. The thing she liked was how it was a modified french tip so I started with two coats of Nail Savvy USA Ivory Tip.

Yep, one of those.

As soon as I saw the picture I knew I was going to use this L'Oreal B-52 for the bunny heads/tips. I also knew I wasn't going to do both hands with bunny heads so I used my right hand to showcase B-52 for you. Aren't I smart?

This is a quick dry, one coat polish. Kind of a frosty white with a soft pink shimmer.

I just freehanded the lapins (get it? French bunny tips?), outlined with my Amuse pen and filled in the ears with essence Off To Miami!.


I was a little naughty this morning. hehehe Yesterday we had a bridge painting job so I headed off to Ulta this morning. I keep hoping to find old Halloween colors on clearance or, at least, some new Christmas collections popping up. They did have the new James Bond OPIs, but none of those really did it for me.

I got Paper Chasing which I have been eyeing for months, and No Plain Jane from the Bohemian Collection. Oh, but that's just the beginning! Remember those shoes I wanted from Target? They went on Clearance for $10!!

And now they're mine!! :D Even more good news! For the holidays Swagbucks lowered the price on gift cards so now I'm only 9% (926SBs) away from my A England haul!! :D :D Super sweet. And one of my discussion panels finished up so I should have $30 to spend on amazon very shortly and my Sephora birthday box has shipped! OH! And I should be getting my 2nd Julep box today!!!! *faints* Hope everyone else is having a great week, too. :D


  1. beautiful rabbit . I'm following you. Kisses.


  2. Aww so cute :) I always like the simple ideas; they are always the best! They're really sweet cos they only have eyes :D

  3. So cute the nail design. Like your boots the colour is super cool :)

    1. Thank you and thank you! :D I can't wait 'til I'm good enough to wear them outside. lol


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