Friday, November 9, 2012

Misa: Phazers On Stunning & BonBons: "Shimmery Aqua"

*SIGH* Until I get my hands on Grey Matters, this is my last polish from the Surreal Escape collection. I really want that one, too, but unfortunately transdesign doesn't ship through USPS and I just don't like taking my chances with the other guys. Until that day comes it is with great excitement, and a heavy heart, that I present you with Misa Phazers On Stunning:

Like most of the rest of my shimmery Misas so far, Phazers On Stunning was a bit sheer, required three coats, and took quite a while to fully dry. In the end it was all worth it. P.O.S is actually a multi-chrome with some flashes of purple, but I couldn't get that to show up in the sun. I do, however, have some shots of the green-to-gold for you.

Indoors the green is much more emerald as well. It's like having a gold-to-green and green-to-purple all in one! Definitely "stunning". Since I have one polish pulled out for Sinful Saturday tomorrow, I felt bad only swatching one today, so I decided to do my toes. Getting these teensy bottles out of the way I skipped Runts, jumped to the top of my list, and grabbed one of the BonBons I was gifted.

I know these have names, but I don't know what they are. Since it's not printed on the bottle anywhere I'm calling it "Shimmery Aqua". Maybe I'll remember to check next time I'm at the other Walmart.

According to the package tracker, my Sephora order should be here on my birthday! It's in Dallas now, so maybe I'll get lucky and get it on the 12th instead so I can wear one on the 13th. Maybe I'll get super lucky and it'll be here tomorrow! :D How awesome would that be? I'm working extra hard to try and get these last SwagBucks so I can cash out and hopefully get myself some A Englands for Xmas. The exchange rate is still pretty good so they'd only be a little over $11 instead of $15. *fingers crossed*

Looks like it's time to head out. Happy Friday!

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