Friday, November 16, 2012

Metallic Green Comparison

Yep, really trying to do those things that I say I'm going to do. lol Fair warning: I did not clean up my mess so my nails look pretty bad. This is more of a "see how these colors look against each other" post and not so much a "look how pretty this mani is" post. I'll add links so you can see them in all their proper prettiness. Good? Good. Here's the metallic green polishes that I have for comparison:

Left to Right: KleanColor Metallic Green, Color Club Perfect Mol-Ten, Zoya Meg, Color Club Fly With Me, and KleanColor Jazz Olive. I knew I was forgetting one, so sorry about not having Salon Perfect Silver Mint up there, too. Let's just say it's cuz I only have five fingers. So, how did they compare to each other?

I know, Metallic Green is a bit washed out. I wanted to get them in order first. Yeah... that's it. All of these are two coats, except for Fly With Me which has three. As you can see in the (slightly fuzzy) picture below, the colors are all pretty different:

Some are a bit more blue, some are a bit more yellow. They're all metallic green goodness and I lurves them. :) Hope this was a bit helpful and informative.

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