Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mary Kay: Mystic Mauve & Markwins: "Shimmery Peach"

Hello. Welcome to what is unofficially being dubbed "WTF Wednesday". I have over 100 polishes still to swatch and link and there are so many that I know I'm just going to keep putting off. You know this. Ones I feel like I'm forcing myself to wear. Not that they're bad brands or ugly colors, not that I really hate them or anything. Just for one reason or another I just keep wanting to not wear them. Take Mystic Mauve for example. The bottle is really pretty, the color isn't ugly, just... I've never used Mary Kay polish and I had this feeling it was going to be sheer (turns out I was right) and I thought it might take forever to dry (right again) and... I just didn't want to mess with it. I knew I was going to pair it with the (obviously sheer) Markwins shimmer, so these have been getting put off since Tammy's gift-bag. Until today! WTF Wednesday! LOL First up ~ Mystic Mauve:

Mystic Mauve is sheer, but buildable. The first coat looked like almost nothing. This is three. As you can see some fingers appeared to have an easier time drying than others.

There is a subtle blue-ish shimmer, but mostly it just makes this polish look kinda frosty. Not in an overly "omg old-lady-hands!" kind of way, but yeah. If you get real up close with your eyeballs you can tell it's shimmer and not frost.

To give this polish a bit more interest I added one coat of this unnamed Markwins "Shimmery Peach".

Can you see it?

Maybe now? I'm assuming by the star shape and lack of name that this one was part of a kid's gift set. However, it is polish and deserves the same respect as any other polish! It dried really quickly and even though I'd never wear it alone I thought you might be interested to see what "alone" looks like.

That's three coats. Ok for someone with pristine nails, not so ok for me. Except for layering. :p

OMG I finally got my last birthday present from Dave! Luminous Lavender!! Now I have the entire ChG Glitter Crackle collection!! :D You know what's as exciting as that?! Vindication!!!

Not quite what I was expecting, I wish I could have gotten more duos, but... this is nice, too. I did order the Avalon/Ophelia duo even though I initially wasn't going to get Ophelia. I sympathize with her, but... you know me with the "I have too many purples" syndrome. So I guess crazy for crazy is a fair enough trade. I also added Dorian Gray which Aaron has a fantabulous nail-art idea for that you're going to love and Tess D'urberville because... GREEN! LOL I'll also have more greens coming with my Julep box. I switched to... ....I forget which box, but it has a brown and a green and I used my Jules for a free add-on. Green. *facepalm* Lemme check.... Ok. I'm getting the Bombshell Box which includes Hilary (a copper glitter) and Cindy (green with gold micro-glitter) and I added Colby (green glitter).

("there, was that so hard?" "no" "you coulda just looked it up the first time" "shut up, I know" "putz" "whatever") :p

*ahem* So tomorrow I'm wearing Harvest Moon for Thanksgiving. Friday will be Brit (the last suede) and a comparison of the five. Yes! Comparing five again. No idea which one will be sent off to the netherworld of my thumb. lol *deep breath* Ok. Still feeling a bit ???? so I'm off to immerse myself in the soothing digital nirvana of Simland while my laptop continues to make money for more polish. Happy Thanksgiving and for those outside the US... Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for you, too. *HUGS*


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