Saturday, November 3, 2012

Julep: Nora

Yep, managed to wear the polish that I said I was going to. :p

And, yep, it's matte-suede all on it's own. Huzzah! This is two coats. One would have been enough except that it swiped off while I was doing cleanup, so I kind of needed a second to compensate for my spazziness.

Nora is the purple one of the set. It's kind of a dark/dusty purple and looks dark grey most of the time. This one really needs the sunlight. I'm hoping that Hailee looks more green than this one looks purple. I thought you might be curious about how she looks shiny, so...

There ya go. Matte on the left, shiny on the right. Not really much of a difference, huh? Overall I like it. It dries really quickly and is very soft on my eyes. Clean-up is a bit of a pain thanks to the little sparkles, but that's not really a huge problem.

I do have a bit of a nice surprise! It's funny; back when I used to do nail art people poked fun at me. Now I have people sharing with me and it's much nicer. I've mentioned Ricky a few times and the polishes he bestowed upon me when he moved. Yesterday he posted this loveliness on my facebook!

:D The grey is Sidewalker by NYC, the pink is LA Colours Pink-a-Boo and the teal is LA Colours Sea Siren. He used tape to block off the colors and then finished it off freehand. He's so amazing and I love his confidence. Miss you, Ricky!!!

I went by Ulta and the clearance section was cleared out. They had Buy 2 Get 2 for their Ulta polishes and that was pretty well wiped out, too. So I ended up getting Zoya Evvie and Noot, a light-dark grey and a dark-dark grey. I think I'll be wearing Noot tomorrow as a base for Be Brave so we can all bask in that glittery goodness before it gets lost in my drawers forever. lol Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!

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