Sunday, November 11, 2012

Juelp: Minka & Sephora Box!

I was totally going to get this up earlier, but L.A. Noire was calling my name. Almost done! Just one more achievement to get. I was hoping to have a hair update, but I'm still working on that. Which is okay, because I have so much else to share. Starting with Julep Minka!

OMG Minka is so beautiful!! I thought it was going to be red, but it's really more of a warm brown suede. I totally love this polish!

Gorgeous. I'm kinda sad to have to take it off for Magnetic Monday tomorrow.

I thought for sure I was going to have to wait longer for my Sephora box (tricky package tracker not updating! lol), so imagine my surprise when I went out and found this on the trash can!

Yay! First up:

My free xmas samples came in this cute little bag.

Ok, I'll admit it. I have no idea what most of this stuff is for. LOL I have some perfume samples, a mascara, anti-shimmer foundation primer, face "polish", finishing powder... uh... lots of stuff. I will try to systematically go through and try each of the things and let you know what I think. Dunno if you care, but that's what I'm going to do.

There is my free birthday lip balms and my "thanks for ordering" freebies. I had picked 3 perfume samples (I don't really buy the stuff so the samples keep me smelling purdy), but I guess one was unavailable so they sent some hair repair serum that I'm super excited to try once I get the color in my hair right. Lastly, my actual order!

Yay!! Ok, I started with the Hello Kitty Blueberry on the right. Then I added the Nails Inc. I have Pinkie Pink which is their breast cancer awareness polish, and Hampstead Gardens because it was on sale and I didn't have a mustard yellow polish yet. The Sephoras were also on sale. They're both Opalescent Blasted (which means crackle), one in regular "opal color" and the other is an opaly-shimmered gold. So super excited to try all of these.

Also super excited because my mother-in-law came by with my birthday card and it had some awesome Ulta coupons inside! :D I'll be going tomorrow. lol Until then I need to remove Minka, show my hair a little TLC and then prep myself for Magnetic Monday! I wish changing my hair color was as easy and painless and changing my nail color... Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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