Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloversary 2012

Hello hello all you *looks around* lovely... *looks around* persons? Been a bit quiet around here. Not quite sure if I'm sad or relieved. LOL Regardless, I have some things to share and share I shall! If nothing else, posterity is as good a reason as any to blog.

Yesterday, October 31, was Halloween. Yes. It was also Aaron's and my 12 year anniversary. :D Twelve years. From some perspectives it doesn't seem like very long at all. From others it seems like an eternity. Not in a bad way, just... geez... it sounds so long! LOL Since we did get married on Halloween (twelve years ago it was on a Saturday) it's always been kind of a big deal for us. We start planning our next costumes the way some folk start planning their next year's xmas decorations. We don't always match each other, but this year we decided it would be fun to finally do Beetlejuice and Lydia. We didn't totally match because he did movie-Beetlejuice and I did cartoon-Lydia. Even so the end result was pretty awesome.

We even adopted a little bundle of joy to complete the never-quite-realized (in either the movie or the cartoon) family.

As per tradition, Jet got to be a part of the Halloween fun. This year we dressed her up as a Snugglebug so she kind of matches, too!

And this costume didn't nearly send her into a coma like last year's princess costume. LOL

Our spook-tacular costumes gave me two manis to share with you! First up, Aaron picked out the colors and did his own nails and graciously allowed me to share with you his final result:

He used one coat of NYC Lexington Yellow, added a coat of Piggy Polish Poet-Tree to dinge it up a bit and the "slime" is Sinful Colors Exotic Green. :D I'm so proud. I didn't put quite as much work into mine:

I asked Aaron if they would look better normal silver or red to match my poncho and he said "red" so I took a page from KarenD's book (omg I can't find the post! Sorry!!) and layered NYC Madison Avenue over the nail strips.

There it is normal for you. With the $3 Big Lots price tag because I still can't rationalize spending $9 for a one-time-use thing like this. No matter how cool it looks. :p

I've been very good about not randomly picking up nail polish since I have SO many still untried. That said... there were two displays I couldn't pass up. The first was at Goodwill. A full display of Cherimoya (never heard of 'em) magnetic polishes for $2 each!

I only grabbed two. Venus and Aurora. One has a cross magnet (which looked great on the display, but came up as a diamond on my test) and the other has a chevron with a line through the middle. The lines on that one are really sharp so I may pick up a proper chevron one if we end up back over there.

The second was a huge display at Walmart showcasing 3 or 4 new sets from Pure Ice. The one that caught my eye was the Velour Collection. Awesome (because they're matte finish) and hilarious (because of Futurama). I grabbed three, but I will very likely go back for a couple more.

I really hope I grabbed the right ones. Like I said, it was a big display with 3-4 collections and this is Killeen where everyone is stupid and I could tell a lot of them weren't put back on the proper shelf. And there weren't any name-labels on the display itself. Anyway, I grabbed Femme Fatale, Temptress and Peep Show. Even though they're only $2 each I put back the black and silver ones and I'm kinda wishing I hadn't. As it was it took me forever to find the green....

The Zombies vs Vampires Team Challenge was a rousing success for Team Zombie. I hit my goal every day and ended up on the winning team. Can't wait to see how much closer I am to another $100 when the points are awarded on the 5th. Today starts a new month and they're back to individual daily goals. Today's is 100SB and I'm... about halfway there? I don't think I'll reach the cashout point by xmas, but I'm going to keep trying my best.

I've been simming a lot in anticipation of Seasons. The other night I had my fairy-sim at one of the Katy Perry Sweet Treats parks (grilling up some burgers for an achievement) and could not pass this up:

LOL Yeah, added the caption myself. Pretty funny, right? Anyway, should probably go and work on the dishes while I wait for the landlord to come pick up the rent. *blah* I wish he would've just added the drop-box to the office door like he said he was gonna. Seems like every time I'm out there waiting for him he gets all distracted and doesn't show up. Whatever. Hope everyone had a fantabulous Halloween!!


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