Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Polish Collection Swatches

I did it!! :D Hope you enjoy my collection swatches.

Today I have for you the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 polishes released by essence. All of these are two coats, no topcoat, and dried quite quickly.

First I have Jacob's Protection:

A sheer black base with mostly blue and a few purple shimmers.

Up next is Alice Had A Vision - Again:

This one was a little disappointing. It looks mostly purple on the nail, but in the bottle it looks like it has Mardi Gras colored shimmers.

The sort of outcast in this collection is A Piece of Forever, a metallic gold.

I do like it. It's gold, but not too gold.

Just weird that it's the only one that's not shimmer-in-a-black-base. lol

Last, but not least, is Edward's Love. This one has a dark grey/silver shimmer in a sheer black base.

The shimmer kind of looks gold in the bottle (in my monitor light), but in real life it mostly looks like the picture. Kinda cool, like ash.

And there you have it. :) I do have my birthday mani on, but I'll save that for another post.

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