Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Essence: French Matt & Gorgeous Bling Bling

Did you see that? Yep. French Matt. I bought it because it's essence and I can't not buy those when I see them, but after the Yves Rocher Pastel Beige incident I knew I probably wouldn't wear it. (and I just realized I'm a bit of a twit and never renamed those as "yves rocher" on my stash page or spreadsheet, so I may do that when I'm done here) However, essence has something a bit less off-putting to offer with French Matt.

It's kind of the same weirdo sheer apricot color, but this one is a lot smoother, and the matte finish is quite nice. There are two coats on my middle finger, one on the rest.

I don't know if I'd ever really use this, but it didn't make my hands look quite as sickly as the Pastel Beige.

The second polish isn't entirely a WTF polish, just that if it weren't essence I don't know if I would have grabbed it? Actually, minus Party Princess, this just happens to be the one I was least enthused about when the new colors/bottles were released. It's not a bad color, but the name is kinda 'meh' for me. Gorgeous Bling Bling.

The color didn't really want to photograph, apparently. Didn't realize that until I got it on the computer. That's two coat. Gorgeous Bling Bling is a burnt orange cream with little gold flakies!

Ok, see the color in the bottle? That's what it looks like for real. It's actually really nice, dried pretty quickly (except on my middle finger, but that's cuz I polished over French Matte so that was 4 coats in all LOL), just the name kinda... meh. :p

So, last night I got an email for $10 on Copious and didn't realize that it was only for a specific area of the site? So I ended up ordering Elephant Walk outright. That's ok, I guess, since I've been wanting it for so long, but I really could have gotten it much cheaper. So I have that coming. Still waiting on my A Englands. I know it hasn't been that long, but I'm impatient!! LOL Next month's Julep box should be shipping soon as well. So that's, like... 8 polishes plus whatever Pure Ice is sending. Just when I thought I was putting a dent in my Unworn Stash. At least I've been good about not just going out and buying it.

I'm gonna look over my Stash Collection Page and see if anything really catches me or, at least, pick a backup in case the mailman doesn't have any prezzies for me. ;) Hope everyone is having a great week.

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