Thursday, November 22, 2012

China Glaze: Harvest Moon

I was super excited to wear this polish way back in April when I first purchased it. However, a wet-polish mishap frustrated me so badly that I ended up swatching Cling On instead. I love the color and I love the name, but that little snafoo has stuck in my head. Now is the time! Harvest Moon would have only been more perfect for the actual Harvest Moon, but I think that slipped past me... Anyway, for your Thanksgiving Day viewing pleasure I finally have for you Harvest Moon!

I believe this was part of the Hunger Games collection?

Ok, I still love this orangey-copper color. I do. The problem with this particular polish is the formula. It has a metallic finish (which you know I adore), but it takes ages to dry! That was the problem before. That was kind of the problem now as you can see on a couple of smudged fingers up there. That was two coats. Lovely, but I definitely should have used my drops or spray or something. For some reason I got some shrinkage, but only on my right hand.

.....yeah, I have no idea. Still love the color, still love the name, still not a fan of the drying time.

Ok, so here in America we're celebrating Thanksgiving. The big fall feast. There's been contention in the past about the true history between us invading Native land, so most people just use it as a day to pig out and be thankful. So... what am I thankful for? Well, I've got my health, family, friends; all those generic "thankfuls" that everyone mentions to sound humble. They are great, and they are important, but since this is my blog and not some card or facebook, let's see what else is rattling around.

I'm thankful that after 17 years of abuse my hair hasn't just fallen out.
I'm thankful for the freedom that not having children affords me.
I'm thankful to have found a whole polish loving community.
And as painful as it can be, I'm thankful for hope.

As usual we're not having our big Turkey Day feast until my dad gets home, so today is pretty much a normal day for me. I'll be honest, most days are. Only holiday I really get stoked for is Halloween. ;) Even so I hope everyone has a fantastic day regardless of where you live or how you celebrate or don't.


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