Friday, November 2, 2012

Butter London: Bluey & China Glaze: Jade-D & Runts: Grape

Hey hey! This is Lizzy trying to get back into the swing of things. October is over and even though December (*ugh*) is right around the corner; November is my month and if I can manage to not implode from the bombardment of early xmas, it's a great between-holiday relaxation. Except for Thanksgiving, but omg we'll cross that bridge when we get to it....

So first up I have Butter London Bluey. When Coterie had their introductory 3 for $35 or whatever sale on BLs they didn't have a great selection so while this isn't a color I'd pick up at the store (likely), it was one of the better ones available.

It is pretty, and a lot less green than I've seen swatched elsewhere. There is a hint of green, but mostly it's a pretty deep blue. Jelly. *facepalm* This is three coats and thankfully I had about 5 hours before bed.

It did go on really smoothly, though. I'm a bit curious to pick up a BL cream because I guess people have issues with those? I kept running across people complaining about BL being streaky but so far the ones I've tried (4 now?) I like 'em. Not sure it's $14 worth of "like", but definite like.

My list of untrieds keeps growing despite my best efforts and that's part of the reason I decided to top this off with China Glaze's glitter crackle Jade-D. The other reason ended up being to cover up that annoying VNL.

Jade-D isn't quite as in-your-face as Gleam Me Up was, but it's still funky-cool and quite glittery.

Flashy and subdued... by comparison... *ahem* I like this combo. Yes I want to start working on my new mattes, but I also want to start working on all these polishes I had to have and never wore. :p LOL And in the interest of getting back in my groove and getting these polishes linked, I finally painted my toes again!

Runts Grape. Yes, it looks a little funky because I kept painting my toes (ok, twice) right before Aaron wanted to head out so the polish stuck to my sock a bit.... but it is a lovely purple (one of my favorites color-wise from the Runts collection) and smelled intensely of juicey fake-grape!

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to share this yet or not. Julep didn't send my add-on polishes 'til yesterday, but I did get my Maven box yesterday!

So I only have half of my order. Weird because when I added on for the metallics I got them the same day... *shrugs* Left to right is Hailee, Nora and their Matte Topcoat. The tops of the bottles say "Matte Suede Finish" so I'm assuming the topcoat is for other polishes and not needed for these. We'll see! I think I'll try Nora tomorrow. It wasn't advertised as part of the Maven Box (other boxes got some kind of lotion?), but they added in a little something extra for me to try!

I will try this tomorrow. I don't think it would be fair to test it on glitter. lol I'll try it on normal polish first, then glitter, then save one for if I ever get to go on a trip somewhere overnight. :p

I guess that's it for now. Not much else going on. C'mon back tomorrow to see how exciting or disappointing the Julep Suedes are. Or... one of them anyway. ;) Have a great day!!

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