Monday, November 5, 2012

Aziza II: "red-brown" & Sally Hansen: Mandarin Garnet

Yes, today should have been a metallic/magnetic Monday, but... *ugh* I just did not feel like messing with that last night. Next week! Promise. Now that I'm starting to get back into my groove I'll be re-instating M Monday and Sinful Saturday. Instead I decided to dig down for a polish I was kind of "meh" about. Both of these are from the tremendous bag-o-polish Tammy gave me. :)

I could have just thrown this one in with the no-name polishes, but it's obviously an Aziza II brand, so I'm hopeful I'll be able to put a color-name to it at some point. Until then I'm just calling it "red-brown".

I wasn't really excited about it, but it ended up being a nice color. This is two coats and it dried surprisingly quickly. Over top I added one coat of Sally Hansen Mandarin Garnet from their long-ago Prisms collection.

This one totally shocked me! All of the Prisms I've seen were duo-/multi-chrome, I wasn't expecting holo! Some lucky person got it for 89cents at the PX and never wore it!

Which, I suppose, makes me double-lucky on this one. :) Indoors it's kind of a copper color, but in the sun you get lovely rainbow goodness.

The other night we ended up back at Walmart. I didn't get the matte-silver like I had planned, but that's only because I figured I have a ton of silvers and handful of matte topcoats now. Also, I was trying to keep my budget under $10....

Yeah, more glitters... I couldn't help myself. :p Also, someone finally numbered the display so I think I got the proper matte-blue this time. I think the other one is just metallic which is just fine by me. Left to right I have Treasure Hunt, Call Me!, Stop Flirtin, Black Velour, and Blue Midnight. I should get my other three Juleps tomorrow *fingers crossed* and I just put in my birthday order for Sephora! Ever start looking at your collection and think for a moment "I think I may have too much polish...." but then you spy a whole slew of colors you don't have? Yeah.... that would be me, too. LOL Ok, I have to head out and make some money to feed my addiction. Hope everyone's having a great Monday!

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