Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Day At The Range

And OMG I had so much fun. And learned some things. His uncle started us off with a 20gauge shotgun.

Yep, Aaron gets first crack. lol He taught us how to load it and everything so he didn't have to watch us like a couple of toddlers. :p

He did great. It took a while to get used to, but it was pretty fun. One of my new favorites.

Here he is in action:

Then it was my turn! The first shot knocked me back a couple of feet, but once I knew what to expect I got a lot better at controlling it.

omg I look a tad pudgy from that angle. :p Started of holding it to the side to try and save my shoulder, but then once I got it up there I could aim a lot better and had a lot of fun shooting the crap out of the boxes.

Which boxes? These boxes!

I had to get a picture of the ground. All of the multi-color casings kept reminding me of confetti. It's like some deranged party out there. LOL

It really was a lot of fun. Especially loading and cocking and firing.... Yeah, as far as being "fun to shoot", I think the shotgun is my #1. Even if it is a bit rough on the shoulder.

After a little break his uncle pulled out a..... crap.... this one:

Sig Sauer P250. It fires .40caliber bullets.

Really has a kick to it!

Yeah. Every time I fired it I felt like it was going to fly right out of my hands. I didn't like that as much so if we get a gun for ourselves it's going to be much smaller than that. The .22 was nice. Anyway, despite my upper-arm-strength difficulty I still took my shots like a champ.

I was pretty proud of both of us. Much better shots than last time.

I wish I had gotten some pics from when we were totally finished. Aaron kept getting headshots and I totally unloaded my last clip into the target's crotch. hehehehe That first crotch-shot in the bottom picture there was on accident. I was aiming way higher. :p

So yeah. Lots of fun and learned some things. Putting some thought into getting our own firearms. Aaron's new favorite phrase is "she's a pretty good shot for a pacifist". LOL A bit shocking since I have terrible depth perception....

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