Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ulta: Chocolate Kiss & Orange Flakies

Hey. Figured I'd get this posted before I... ya know... didn't. Starting off today with Ulta's Chocolate Kiss.

I think this has to be one of the most appropriately named polishes ever. If it were scented, I would swear I was painting chocolate on my nails. It looks delicious.

I've been using those quick dry drops from Julep and I'm getting mixed results. It smells really good and works quite well... I think with a topcoat it works better. I didn't have a topcoat last night and they felt dry when I laid down, but I woke up with all kinds of sheet and hair marks. So more experimentation will be forthcoming. A week or so ago I picked up more of these little nail art bottles from Dollar Tree.

I passed over them last time because I thought they'd be difficult to work with. I was right, but they're still kind of cool. And after a full mani I still had a lot left.

I applied a layer of topcoat and just shook out some of the flakies onto my nails. I expected them to go everywhere, but they were surprisingly easy to control and, of course, easy enough to pick up strays with my skewer. I tried to push the ends down with my skewer, but that only worked moderately well.

I added another thickish layer of topcoat to try and smooth things out. The little ends were kind of like velcro. :/ Still, it does look pretty awesome and I think one of the other bottles with smaller flakey pieces might work a bit better overall.

Not too bad for a Fall/Halloween thing, eh? I'll have something more Halloweenish tomorrow. Promise. In the meantime, I got mail!

Doesn't that just look exciting? :) Especially knowing it's another free polish. I will definitely buy from her again. I mean, just look at what she threw in there?

Cute! Did I mentioned I ordered Orly Mysterious Curse? I can't remember.

I'm wondering if it looks anything like Bizarre Blurple? Purple Blue looks like it has more texture, but the color might be similar to that as well. We'll see. As soon as I wear it I'll definitely be comparing the three. Things to look forward to. Hope everyone's having a great week. I'm gonna go ahead and get back to my Sim... See you later.

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